Australia to London Airlines


Hey, I was just wondering what airlines people recommend for flying from Aus to London?
I’m looking for something cheapish while still being a good airline. Comfort it probably the most important thing because it’s such a long flight!


I’ve flown emirates for this journey a couple of times, not the cheapest, but a good airline (with plenty of in flight entertainment, win!). Im flying to Europe again in December this time going with Quatar, and i’ve only heard good things about them so far. If you’re under 30, if you’re after cheap, definitely go to student flights and get quotes, they were over $400 cheaper for me than any other quotes I got!

Katie :slight_smile:


I used Jetabroard to book my flights - Going to London with Malaysia air and returning with Singapore. Both very good airlines.

The reason for two different ones was to reduce the layover (my max layover is 4hrs rather than 8!)
I paid just under 3k which I thought was pretty good, you don’t want to skimp out too much!


I just booked yesterday with Etihad, $1593 return, leaving on 26 May with a 2hr stop over in Abu Dhabi on the way if that helps?


I flew Virgin Atlantic and it wasn’t too bad. The service was a bit rude and the seats were squished, but that’s all airlines these days! Food was edible and I actually got a fair amount of sleep, plus heaps of on board entertainment. Paid $1900 all up for flights, but that was SYD-LHR, Gatwick to Tallinn, Frankfurt to Syd, via Shanghai (flew home with China Eastern… enough said LOL)


I’ve booked in flights with singapore airlines to fly in June/July 2013 and have paid under $2000 return to fly to London and back out of Rome to Australia with a 2-3 hour stopover in singapore each way.

Hope this is helpful


I’ve exhausted my research for flights. Of all places, I found STA Travel to give us the best deal and were very flexible in accommodating our requests. If in Melbourne, try Knox City Store. One of the guys was awesome.

We ended up getting Qatar Airways from Melbourne to London and Emirates from London to Melbourne (18hr stopover in Dubai upon our request) for $1837.

We are going from 29th June-3rd Aug Next year.


Number of airlines fly from Australia to London but all air fares to London (Europe) are based on two things. First is to confirm departure state to Arr. state another is to confirm ticket package like Economy, Premium, Business. Last month I online purchased two-way air ticket from Melbourne to London for my brother @ $ 1649.00. I think it is cheap airfare to Europe
or London from australia as compare to another airlines. Some websites sold this this ticket @ 1658.


Depends when you go. I’m flying Emirates for $2300 arr june 28 ret 2 sep. i was told that if you fly into Gatwick it’ll be cheaper.
I would defineintly go Quatar if you can afford it they were rated the airline. :slight_smile:


I ended up booking my flights with qantas because they had a sale on. I paid $1735 return from the 4th Sep till 5th Oct :slight_smile:


I just paid for my flights today. It was $1947 on Korean Airlines for Sydney-London (2 jul), and Paris-Sydney (31 jul). There’s a one night stopover in Seoul on the way to London, which I’m so relieved I have. Longhauls are a pain.
Booked through STA, since Student Flights were charging $1995 for the exact same thing.


I will plan to travel to Europe but I want to stop-over in Hong Kong (I have cousins and holiday house there) for a few days next year. (I will pay for a Europe Tour, starting from London, for around 15 days)

Depends on which airlines are you going for and what dates are you depart Australia. I personally prefer Qantas and British airway because they will help me gain points for a free air-ticket or other fun stuffs. However, I need to save money. Virgin is my last choice.

If I depart in low season (March, May), It will cost me $1794! GOOD DEAL still!!


I would also reccomend STA travel. I am flying to London from Melbourne With qatar for $940 on the 1st of December this year and then from Budapest to Melbourne on the 6th of January 2014 for $1050. Also with qatar. My layover times are 1 hour in doha both ways. Service is good and STA are very easy to work with. We don’t have a STA agent but have easily communicated with travel agent through email and bpay :slight_smile: