Australia or New Zealand?!- Help!



I’m in need of some help- I’m very indecisive!

I’m looking at booking my next trip and I can’t decide between Australia or New Zealand?
I did a 2 week topdeck in January up the East Coast of Australia which was amazing! Had the best time, hence why im looking to book my next tour.
However I can’t decide weather to go back to Australia and do the places I didn’t get to go this year, Melbourne, Northern Territories etc or go to New Zealand instead.
I would like to go the New Zealand as I have heard it is amazing however I did love Australia and the weather is so much better in OZ- I like my sun!!

I can’t do both as I can only really go for 3 weeks maximum because of work etc.

Anyone who has been to New Zealand have any advice? Or anyone done both?

Kat x


I know people who’ve been to both and they both said its the best things they’ve done so even though its a hard choice, you can’t go wrong. Im going to Oz in November. Wish i could have been some help though


hey im a kiwi/ from nz. what do you want out of trip? i live in auckland nz apart from being 5 mins from a beach at any time dsnt offer a huge amount. sourh island is beautiful. havent seen much of it but from wat i know and have seen worth checkn out. dont know if this has helped but if you want a couch in auckland (north island) and a weekend tour im happy to help. if doing north island check out bay of islands, 90mile beach, taupo and rotarua. let me know if you want an info ill do whati can


if you want sun aim for end of jan/ feb best time.


Hey Kat,

I’m a New Zealander but I’ve been living in australia for 5 years. My suggestion would be for you to check out New Zealand. It’s an absolutely beautiful country and although it doesn’t have as good (hot) weather as parts of Australia, it is much more cultural, the food is sooo much better, NZ is very scenic and there is alot to do. If you like extreme sports, New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world :slight_smile: We’re also very friendly back home and Australia is always gonna be there for you to check out the other parts you missed out on the first time around. I agree with Paul - Rotorua is a must - you can check out the mudpools and go see a Maori dinner (hangi…yum) and show, and Taupo is beautiful - you should definitely go to ‘Huka Falls’! and do the helicopter ride over Huka Falls. it’s so amazing. You could try your luck at the golf comp too, if you get a hole in one you win $1k i think (it’s a tough comp). I also think if you go down to the south island, definitely visit Queenstown…google it, it’s beautiful. I really love Dunedin too (but it gets very cold down there in the winter). Up the top of the south island is beautiful too. Anyway, i hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advise guys. I think im decided on New Zealand!
Everyone i know that has done Oz and NZ says that NZ is way better, its just the weather that was swaying me towards Oz.
Im going to go for the Grand Kiwi 16 day tour that covers both North and South Island and then do a 5 day stop over in Fiji on the way home so i can get my fix on sun!!!
Going to book it this weekend- excited- YAY!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: