Australia - Mega Tour next year


I’m looking to gather some people for next year’s tour for the mega European. The more we get, the bigger discount!

So I figue it helps out top deck by filling up their tour, and it helps us by getting it cheaper!

If you live in Australia, Even Canberra or around NSW, then let me know if you are keen on the Mega European tour - 49 days, 21 Countries - for next year. Looking to go between June-July-August.

Let me know if you are interested.




Hi Ben - Just noticed your post! Are you still planning your trip or have you booked? I’m from Melbourne and want to do the Mega Euro starting early June 2012



Hi Ben,

I am planning to go on this tour from 28 August, following the Britain/Ireland tour on 12 August. This date is mainly because the departure is gauranteed. Let me know if you decide on this tour.