Australia Down South & Outback April or May 2017



I’m Andrew from Christchurch, New Zealand. I’m looking at doing the Down South & Outback tour (Melbourne to Alice Springs direction probably) in April or May next year (2017), assuming they continue to offer it :slight_smile: . Anybody else looking at doing that trip then, or any of the trips that I assume include or do parts of this trip? Apparently the dates for after March next year will be out next month, which was a lot further away when I started looking into it but is quite close now.

I’m also interested in hearing from people that have done this trip before.


Hi Andrew,

I was looking at doing the Opals and Outback tour around the same time next year. Top Deck told me the new dates will be out October.


Yeah they’ve kinda missed the mid-September date they originally told me. Were you thinking of starting in Adelaide or Darwin? Where in Aussie are you from? So you are doing quite a bit of travelling next year then :-).


I’m going to fly from Brisbane to Adelaide then the tour to Darwin and then fly back to Brisbane from Darwin.

Yes sure am my work has pre approved my holidays :slight_smile: Globe trotting it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Apparently the dates will be up on the website around lunch time tomorrow (Monday 17 Oct). Apparently there was some boo boo with the printed brochure.


Okay that is good, I plan on going back to my Travel Agent this week :slight_smile:


Did they have some dates for you? I’ve been checking out the site all week and didn’t see any new dates, even looked from the USA so I got the US site and it didn’t have new dates either :-(. Today the new itinerary showed up though. My trip is a day longer now.


No not yet, still waiting. :disappointed:


There’s dates up. There’s dates up!! :slight_smile:
The one leaving on my preferred date is going the wrong way though :-(. And no dates for the Opals & Outback tour either, yet.


I tweeted them yesterday and they replied last night saying 24-48hours, so hopefully your dates will be up in the next day or so. I assume your tour will just start 5 days after mine, so you would be looking at one starting about the 4th of May?


I will wait to see what dates are available but probably mid May. I will check later tonight because I want to book this asap. :slight_smile:


I found a brochure that has dates for next year in it ( for NZD prices), but there’s no Opals and Outback in it. There’s one that does the Alice Springs loop and then flies up to do the Darwin loop though, and a 21 day one that is that one with the start in Melbourne (perhaps you can start it later on?) I got it from a deals page ( so perhaps it doesn’t have all of them, or perhaps they aren’t doing the Opals one next year. Might pay to contact them and ask them.


I’m in the process of booking the 29th of April 2017 departure of the Down South & Outback. I’ll be flying into Melbourne just after 8am on the 28th.


So all booked and paid for. Less than 10 weeks to go. I’ve created a Facebook group Topdeck Down South & Outback etc 29 Apr 2017. Would be good to get to know some people before the tour starts.


I’m not on fb, but I live in Victoria. So if anyone needs helps regarding accommodation etc I will do my best to help :slight_smile:

Or if you want to see the south east of Victoria (where I know most of) happy to help out if I’m home.