Attention girls!


Hi all,

I leave shortly on my 3 back to back trips and I can’t decide what to do for my day bag. I’m not the greatest fan of backpacks but wondering what you all found useful in your past travels…ie is back pack best, hand bag not practical/safe, is cross the body the body bag too annoying and ways down on the shoulders? lol help!

xo Bec
P.S. I found this bag and thought it could be good?


I used a shoulder bag to stop pickpocketers which are pretty bad in some cities apparently.
I just made sure the bag sat to my side or in front and was zipped up at all times.


the first time i went to europe i was scared about all the pick pocket horror stories so i carried a back pack with me and it was totes annoying and not needed. an over the shoulder bag is way better. just be sensible, don’t flash your cash/passport around and hold it close to your body when you’re in a crowd. don’t act like a naive tourist and hopefully you’ll have no problems.


exactly right, we had no problems but it can happen. :slight_smile:


Hey girls,

I’m taking a backpack over, which has a detachable daypack. But I’m also taking a small over-the-shoulder handbag. It’s only fairly small, enough for a wallet and camera, but it also zips up and has a buttoned flap over the zip. But I figure it will be handy for going to clubs at night etc (I’d look like a goose with a daypack in a club lol). I figure the small handbag will be good for some days out, but then days I need more stuff (water botlle, jumper etc) I’ll take the daypack. Plus I’m going with my bf, so we can always share a daypack between us if we want. I also have some combination locks so if i’m carrying the daypack somewhere dodgy I can lock up the zippers.

On my last trip (mind you, this was only to UK/Ireland - perhaps less pickpockety?) I took a suitcase, and a larger over-the-shoulder handbag. This bag was also great as I didn’t look too touristy, and it was a decent size to fit lots of stuff and it zipped up.

I’ve never bothered with fancy pacsafe bags because of the price. I’m sure they’re good. But I think the main thing is just be careful and use common sense and you’ll be ok. And spread your money/cards/passport copies across your different bags, so if you do lose something you have a good backup plan! :slight_smile:


Hi I have travelled o/s a few times now, I always take a backpack with me however just use this as an extra piece of luggage basically for carrying all the extra stuff I seem to come home with!!! I just leave this in the hotel or on the bus(just put a lock on it) and when i’m walking around carry a bag similar to the one you have picture. Mine has an interal zipper pocket that i keep my passport in. I also pack a small handbag for going out at night just big enough for money, camera and of course passport!


I am taking a across the body bag and it has wire mesh through the body so it cant be slashed. Can get it from places like bags bay. Hope this helps.


hey there is a really good bag site called, they do anti slash, theft proof bags are quite good prices and all different sizes.

hope it helps


I’m taking a dslr over so it’s a little bulky and need a backpack. I already have a camera backpack and will be doubling that up as my day bag. The best thing about it is that the back opens up rather then the top. What it means is to get into the bag you actually have to take it off making it very hard for pick pocketing… unless they just use a knife to slice the bottom out but the walls are pretty thick so i’m not worried about that! Just make sure to keep an eye on things and know where your items are.