Attention everyone doing a tasmania tour

I have recently finished the Tassie uncovered tour (Launceston to Launceston).
If you are at all considering any Tasmania tour please read.
Firstly, all the Tasmania tours are NOT RUN BY TOP DECK! They are run by a company called ‘Under Down Under’, which is a back packer type company that caters for people on very, very tight budgets.

Now because it is not run by top deck anyone can do these tours, old, young, you name it. On my tour we had an elderly couple, I was not impressed at all!

Also be aware that the tours are on a continuous loop, so I started in Launceston with a group of people that had already been on the tour and started in Hobart, so after getting to know those people 3 days later they got off and I had a ‘free day in Hobart’ I was looking forward to this, thinking that I would have my new friends to explore the city with – think again, no one else was doing the same tour as me, so all the people I started with got off the tour in Hobart and went home, I had to stay in a backpackers BY MYSELF until the next part of my tour started, I complained about this and I did get an upgrade to a private room, but still I was alone and had to wander the city myself, when you book group travel, you expect to be with the group the whole time.

The second group I meet in Launceston were great, but I had 3 days with them and then had to leave, because my tour ended.

The Top Deck itinerary that I had included lots of optional extras like scenic flights and quad bike riding, ghost tour, etc. None of this was offered, when I complained, the tour guide said, that they tend not to mention it, because people normally donÂ’t want to do it, due to budget and time.

The accommodation is rough! If you donÂ’t like backpackers and hostels, donÂ’t do this tour, another thing the brochure says quad share, you stay in a hostel so how ever many beds in the room thatÂ’s how many stay there, some was 8 people to a room, sometimes 6.

Dinner time was certainly interesting, like I said most people are on a budget, so the guide would stop at supermarkets for people to buy 2 minute noodles, etc to cook for dinner, well IÂ’m sorry I can have that at home I was on holidays and wanted to eat out, which I did, but I was certainly the minority.

One last thing, if you do not like walking DO NOT do this tour. Every day included walking and lots of it! The first day we did a 5-hour walk up a mountain, I was sore for the rest of the trip.

Top Deck if you are reading this you need to seriously think about taking the Tasmania tours out of your brochures, because they are not top deck and do not fit with the top deck philosophy.

Hi Jade,

We are really sorry that your trip with Topdeck did not live up to your expectations. We understand you have already talked to our team in Australia, but if we can do more to reassure you about how we operate, please call our office at 07-3041 – 8100 and ask for our General Manager.

We do use Under Down Under, our local partner, to operate our Tasmania trips. The owner, Andrew, has worked with us for many years and we feel having a local partner based in Tasmania that owns the business helps us keep abreast of all the touring opportunities, customer feedback and so forth. He is as passionate Tasmanian as you will meet! We do note this in our terms & conditions, but following your feedback we are going to list this more explicitly on our itineraries and pre-departure information to avoid any confusion.

Regards the age group on your trip, we know that two travellers were aged above our 18-39 bracket. This is not normally the case, it was a rare one off related to this departure. With regards to accommodation, all our standard accommodation is based four share. We understand that one of our selected properties, Montgomery’s, booked you into a six bed dorm by accident. Sadly we did not know about this at the time. I understand that we later paid for your 3 night upgrade to private accommodation – the least we could do to say sorry!

With regards to your feedback on how our trips operate in a loop, with travellers joining and departing – we really appreciate you sharing your views and we will add this into our next product development meetings. This format does allow travellers a lot of flexibility which we like but we don’t want anyone leaving a Topdeck trip unhappy.

Again, donÂ’t hesitate to call us if you would like to share more feedback.


The team at Topdeck

Thanks for your reply.
Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time for the most part, I just wanted people to know what they were getting themselves into when booking a Top deck tour in Tasmania.
Also there were definitely more than 2 travellers over the age of 39, there were at least 2 people who were 40 (I know because I became friends with them), plus an elderly Asian couple.
Montgomery’s was not the only one that was 6 to a room, the second place I stopped at we had 6 in our room and at Bicheno I had 4 in my room but the other room had like 6 or 8, good for me, but would have sucked for the others.
I really appreciated the upgrade in Hobart, but it didn’t really make up for the fact that I had to spend a whole day alone - like I said before, when you book a group travel tour, you expect group travel.

haha if your gonna come down to australia there are soooo many better places to go to than tasmania anyway!

I was looking at either this or New Zealand for 2013 I guess I’ll pay the extra and do a Wellington to Auckland tour instead of Tasmania even if the airfares cost more.

Definitely don’t bother doing the Tasmania tour, Woodstock.
I am currently on the tour and am VERY disappointed with the quality of the tour.

Top Deck does tours for younger people (18-40 year olds). The driver/tour guide is over 50 years old, and has made zero attempt at making this a fun trip. The New Zealand tour, on the other hand, was amazing. The driver/tour guide were young, and made a huge effort to make it fun. The driver talks all the time, and even leaves on his microphone while he is having conversations with people in the front of the bus, so we are stuck listening to one sided conversations the whole bus ride. It is incredibly annoying.

In New Zealand (and I believe in Europe), the young fun drivers play a specific song every morning, so that way when you go home and hear it on the radio, you will relive the memories. That is definitely not happening with the old, boring driver here in Tasmania.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TOUR!!! If you actually want to have a fun time, do not book the Tasmania tour. I can’t believe how disappointing this tour is.

I’m also disappointed that the driver has made no attempt to try to arrange a group dinner. Sure people are on budgets, but part of the fun bonding time in New Zealand was paying for our own meals, but eating together.

I’m doing this tour in two weeks and will let you all know how I go with it. I really just want to do it to see the sights not so much anything else. I hope the sight-seeing side of it was good still.

I just finished a 3 day eastern part of this tour not long ago.
And although it is true about there is some older people on tour and the people where changing all the time.
It did not effect the tour at all and made things far more interesting.
I ended up with a great bus full of people and the bus driver was a great person (dave) and made the bus rides far more enjoyable.
Every place we went to was great, even the places I thought that I would not be interested in.
Tassie really is a nice place and it was great being on a tour as I got to see so many places that I would have never seen if I had hired a car not knowing where to go and not having people to talk to.
My only regret about it was that I was not able to be on a longer tour.
The only issue I sort of had was not with the tour but with the booking and lack of info.

So in summary I highly recommended this tour to anyone.

I recently did a 6 day tour. It was with a group of 13 people aged mostly early to mid 20s. I found it difficult to engage with them as those that didn’t immediately put their headphones on, or go to sleep, were not overly friendly - my questions were met with mostly one word answers.
I was really looking forward to having fun but the other people didn’t really seem to be getting into it. When we stopped to buy alcohol on the first day, I felt like having a couple of beers with everyone that night, but none of the others bought a single drop. At the hostel, I cracked open a beer and got my guitar out to play, hoping we could all hang out but most people just disappeared into their rooms (by 8.30pm!) or sat in the lounge and watched TV. It was quite disappointing.
This sequence of events happened repeatedly - I thought I was sharing the bus with koalas, they slept so much! The accommodation was fine - the max number of beds in a room was 6 but the max number of people in each was 4. One guy had a room to himself.
There was always different options from easy walks to more difficult hikes and nobody was forced to do anything they didn’t want to do. Certainly nobody was forced to walk a 5 hour hike on the first day (in fact, I would love to know where that was!). I was surprised that nobody had an interest in getting up to watch a sunrise over the sea (not a difficult thing really, at 6.30) or doing any of the additional things that were extra to the itinerary.
I went snorkelling - the water was about 20 degrees so not tropical, but not totally unbearable. I thought the others might like to borrow my gear and go in themselves but, no, they weren’t interested. For most people it was always too cold and, when it was raining, too rainy. Very few people had appropriate clothing and there was hardly a raincoat in sight. Whingeing about things that were beyond anybody’s control was commonplace and it brought about a fairly negative ambience to the experience.
In the evenings, I tried to get people to come out to dinner with me but they “didn’t have enough money”. Overall I was disappointed by the general lack of enthusiasm and interest shown by my fellow travellers.
I should now point out that this trip was NOT a Topdeck tour. However, it was almost the same in style and demographic. I know because I was the tour guide on this tour. I have taken tours all over Australia for a number of different tour operators over the last 12 years, including the Topdeck Tasmanian tour.
My point is this…
Occasionally you will get a tour, either as a passenger or as a tour guide that does not meet your expectations. Mostly this is just bad luck. If I was to judge my experience of being a tour guide solely on the tour I have just described I would probably try to dissuade anybody from becoming a guide themselves. I don’t, though, because for every unenjoyable experience, there are are a hundred enjoyable ones. I couldn’t have done it for so long if that were not the case.
People who read this thread should not be put off coming to Tassie and doing a tour with Topdeck, or indeed any other operator, because it does not mean you will have a similar experience. Jade, I’m sorry that you did not have a good time in Tassie - I would like to think that you would have had a great time on one of my tours as thousands of others have but you never know. I have had a few complaints over the years - some of them justifiable, some not - it depends on so many different factors and people’s (often unrealistic) expectations.

Tasmania is very beautiful place, there are many other places to visit. You can come with friends or family as a group tour. On Bruny Island, holiday rental accommodations are very easily available at reasonable prices. You can visit to get more about Tasmania.

Tasmania is a beautiful place with loads to see and do. I personally feel you would better off exploring Tas without a group to be able to discover what you want.

very nice place to visit there actually awesome place i would say .i like it more for its national park and the world heritage sites there. and yes it is the 26th largest island in the world

Hey Guys,

It really makes me crazy when i even think about the tours in Tasmania. It is a very very very nice place to visit.

So many activities are there to do.