Does anyone have any advice on using ATMs throughout Europe. I am debating between travelers checks or my atm card. I am just nervous about carrying around all my money.[br][br]Any advice would be tremendously helpful.[br]


this is something I’ve been thinking about as well I dont really want to carry all my money round with me but I’ve heard that you get charged a commission for using ATM’s abroad so feel that would be a waste[br][br]Does anyone know if your able to exchange travellers checks on the tours??


I wouldn’t worry there are foreign exchange places all over Europe where you can cash in your travellers cheques, and besides most shops accept travellers cheques as a form of payment anyway. [br][br]The most sensible way would be to take all your money in different forms eg. credit/debit cards, travellers cheques and cash just incase your card gets eaten in an atm machine or your cash gets stolen then you have other forms of payment you can still use. [br][br]Hope this helps…


Thank you so much for the advice. that is a great way to do things.


I would highly recommend NOT taking travelers checks. One guy on our tour brought them and he had a REALLY hard time exchanging money. A lot of places don’t take them.[br][br]I would definitely say use your ATM. The fees really aren’t too bad, they are almost the same as exchanging money over there. It is a lot less of a hassel too!


I’m going on the Summer Fun And Sailing tour from 4th Sep. I’ll prob take some cash but will mainly rely on my Visa Debit card. It’s not really that expensive and it’s what my sister did…probably the easiest I reckon. [br][br]Travellers checks are more expensive also because the place that you cash them in at will take a certain percentage of the amount you cash in.[br][br]


Depends where you are going, travellers cheques are useless in some countries such as Russia. [br][br]You are probably fine with just an ATM card and a credit card. As for charges on an ATM card, they are very small relative to the cost of your trip. Travellers cheques may have charges applied as well.


I did the Essential Europe tour earlier in the year, and used only my ATM card throughout- taking out about 200 euros each time. Lucky for me my bank had affiliations with some banks in Europe, so I was spared the ATM fees. But in saying that, there was something like 2.5% fees for conversionm from my bank and mastercard-if you are using a Cirrus card. If you are exhanging cash and are in the UK before you depart, the post office doesn’t charge commission and have a pretty good rate. But then you probably won’t want to carry around a heap of cash either. Check with your bank on your best options. Nobody on the tour used travellers cheques that I know of. Most little markets and food places would prefer cash anyway or your card.[br]Good luck and have a great trip!


Just curious…how much money would people recommend that I take? Would 1500 - 2000 euros be enough?[br][br]Rich


hi Richy, how long are you hoping 2000 EUROS will last?


I’m taking 2000 euros for my 26 day trip (discover europe).[br][br]Check what is included in your tour (breakfast and dinner etc) and what optional extras you want to do then and work it out. tI’ve been told 60euros a day is heaps…and some days you’ll be on busses and won’t spend as much. [br][br]Remember that most museums etc and things you’ll want to see all cost money too.


Also remember you pay for toilets at most places in Europe. If you eat at a restaurant/cafe use the toilets there, they are usually free. I also found that I was buying water all the time on a daily basis. Just some other small expenses to keep in mind.


Wow…ppl responded lol. I asked some other people in another topic and they totally ignored me…??![br][br]I’m going on the 24 day Summer Fun & Sailing trip…So from the sounds of things 2000 should be enough. My biggest expense will be the optional activities which I worked is about 300-400 euros. I get all the breakfasts and the majority of lunches and dinners. I know it’s extremely hard to find good food in Paris without paying ridiculous amounts, at least it was when I was there a few years ago.[br][br]My parents are giving me money to spend and if I need more money I’ll have to get them to put some more in my account. Sounds dubious to me but I don’t really have a choice.[br][br]Rich