Athens accommodation (Greek Sailing 06 Aug)


Hi everyone, my friend and I are on the Greek Island Sailing from 06-12 August. We are staying in Athens the night before and after the tour. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to stay in Athens? Also if anyone was interested in meeting up let me know.
Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi There!

  I'll be on the same trip; I am flying in on the 5th and found a hostel for the night at Chameleon youth hostel in Athens. It is quite close to where we meet for the trip. It had very good reviews and was very resonable in price. Hope this is helpful if you are still looking for a place.

See you soon!


Hi, I will be staying in Athens the night before too, I’m going by myself so wouldn’t mind catching up with fellow ship mates?


Hi, we are staying at athens backpackers. Find me on facebook and maybe we can organise to meet up the day before, Meredith Cle


thanks we ended up booking athens backpackers, see you soon!


Sweet yeah sounds good, I’m staying at the city circus Athens. Their are a few Meredith cle :joy: Mines Keenan Curran, you might have better luck lol only 6 more sleeps :heart_eyes: