AT&T Wireless in Europe?


Does anyone know if AT&T is a cellular service provider in any western European countries, particularly the UK and France? That is my cell provider and I would like to be able to take my own phone and have my regular number while I’m in Europe. And since I have an iPhone it will only accept an AT&T issued SIM card.


Is this true for all iphones? Will they accept the International SIM offered through Topdeck? How do you find this stuff out? :slight_smile:


I called Apple and AT&T and they both told me that the iPhone is only compatible with an AT&T issued sim card. So, you have to have them as your cell carrier if you want an iPhone. However, I have heard of people getting their iPhones unlocked, but I’m not sure how to do it. You probably could find out somewhere on the internet if you wanted to know. Do you currently have an iPhone?