Ask me anything about winter getaway trip :-)


I just got back from the winter getaway tour so if you have any question about anything please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to asnwer. I had an absolutely great time during the tour. Topdeck rocks!!


OMG thank god, someone whos been on the trip :slight_smile: do you mind answering a few of my qeustions cause i wanna go on the one in november :slight_smile:


wouldnt mind at all, might be a slow reply tho cos i’m relying on free wifi atm :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay thats fine, okay so how much did you end up taking or spending over there???
did you do all the optional activities and was it worth it? should i pre-book any tours on tours on our days free?? did many people go??


Hi Britt,
when i started saving up money, we planned for 150 euros a day for me and hubby to cover meals that’s not covered by topdeck, optional activities and souvenirs. We didnt use them all tho even after a few flashy dinner, night outs and shopping.

Optionals-the must do optionals: train to jungfraujoch, vatican city tour (the tour guide was awesome!!), third reich tour (i didnt do it but hubby went and he said it was equally as good as the vatican city tour).
We didn’t the bike tour in Paris, wasnt very interested.
The sex show in Amsterdam was a waste of money, it was not either funny or sexy. honestly, it was just appaling lol
ummm what else… ah people who went on the sound of music tour said it was bad. we didnt do it tho so i cant say anything about it.
The pub crawl… it was ok, but it’s just something you and people on the tour could arrange yourself as the clubs that we went to weren’t any special.
The gondola ride was good, you can just six and relax your tired feet after miled and miles of walking lol…
I was so disappointed cos the canal cruise after the farewell dinner was cancelled due to not enough people. wouldve been good…

you book the optional activities a few days before the D day so you’ll have time yo decide.

hope this helps…


Hey Sabrina,

We are aiming for 100 euros a day to cover that sought of stuff too, but because we are also going to America, London and Singapore, its gonna be a little tighter for us.
Yeah, I’m not too keen on the sex show in Amsterdam, but my BF wants to go so ill go for him. i showed him what you said but he still wont listen lol. some of the things you suggested like the sound of music tour and bike tour of Paris, isn’t on the listed optionals, maybe its just got a few.
cant wait for the tour, it’ll be really good, first time out of the country so. if you have any advice about packing my suitcase or clothing or anything please let me know {Smile}
oh and also, did many people go{Confused} I’m worried there wont be too many.

Thank-you so much for the help,
Brittany {Smile}


If you go on the guaranteed departure, it doesnt matter how many people sign up the tour will depart. we went on the last winter getaway that was a guaranteed departure and there were 28 people. Told normally it’s around 35 people in a tour. Liked it though, not too crowded lol

Packing tips - travel light. I didnt think i packed too much stuff but at the end, i wish i brought less jackets and more tops. You’ll buy clothes during the trip anyway lol…

i think some of the tours were not listed, you should check it again with topdeck prior to your departure.

Sabrina :slight_smile:


Yeah ill be going on the guaranteed departure on november 5th. yeah im trying not to think of packing too much, but ill be going to other countries aswell so not too sure what ill be able to pack.
thanks again for the help :slight_smile:


Joined up when i saw your thread. This was a Euroclubs tour right and you travelled with your hubby? My and the wife are looking at the winter tour and wondering how you went with the shared rooming situations. were there many times you weren’t in the same room? I asked the tour operators and of course they can’t make any promises on how numbers worked out so thought I’d ask someone who’d done it.
Exciting stuff!!!


hi Japes,
Yep, we went on the euroclub tour. We were told not to expect to be in the same room with hubby. During the tour, before we arrived at the destination city, the tour leader asked us who we wanted to share the room with. Half of the trip we share it with another couple and another half of the trip just different people from the tour (a girl and a guy). Fortunately we were never seperated (sometimes i wish we were tho lol)
I reckon it was a lot more fun to have other people in the room tho hubby thinks next time we go ontopdeck it’ll be on eurohotel.


Hi Sabrina I’m doing a winter getaway tour at the end of the year and i was wondering what sort of shoes you and the people in your group took? I have been thinking about getting some boots with a decent sole but not full on hicking or snow boots … Or do you think normal walking shoes will be fine? Thanks :slight_smile:


New to this. Did you get a reply about the shoes? I’d like to know too!


Chimed in again as well to ask the shoe question! I don’t want wet, cold feet but also don’t want massive heavy trekkers or anything to worry about!.. Will be doing Winter Spirit late December.


hey y’all
Sorry for late reply. Yes i got a pair of hiking shoes from mountain design. I think the brand is solomon. It’s not one of those big, heavy trekker tho although they’re waterproof. They stayed dry even when were in the snow. Other than that, i also brought a pair of boots for going out and another flatties for spare.


oh some of girls wore boots nearly every day but i did lots of walking so i didnt find it very comfy. Some other people, esp guys, wore jogger/runner. So it’s really up to you…


Hey about how much did you pack on the trip and what did you do about laundry? I just booked my trip for November :smiley:


hi Marksgirl,

I used the packing guide from topdeck and added a few stuff. I cant remember exactly what i brought - I think I had a pair of jeans (plus the one i wore), 3 long sleeves t shirts, 3 tops, a good jacket for swiss alp, a jumper, a going out jacket, two dresses, a pair of boots and a pair of flatties.

We did laundry once a week whenever we had time. some hostels have laundry facilities so it wasnt really a prob. I ended throwing away a pair of jeans and some shirts to accomodate new clothes lol…