Ask for advices for 10 days trip in Southeast Asia


Hi everyone!
I’m new comer here and really need help
I’m planning to travel around Southeast Asia for 10 days with my wife. We want to travel on 1st of December.
I think we will visit Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar
I will flight from Australia.
Can any one experienced advise on:

  1. Where should we start our itinerary?
  2. where can’t i miss?
  3. 10 days are enough or not?
  4. Where can i book tours?
  5. cool place to stay?
  6. what should we prepare?

Thank all so much.


I went last last year to Vietnam, I went ho chi min city
, hoi an , ha long bay, Han oi, all good places to go


10 days is too less a time - especially for these 4 countries, each of whom offers such a huge variety of experiences on their own. I would say pick up Indonesia and Vietnam in one trip, and Thailand and Myanmar in the other one.
Indonesia is a beautiful assault on your senses. It is a spectacle of beaches and volcanoes. It is rich diversity coupled with pulse raising adventure. It is the extraordinarily imaginative Sumatra and the enterprising Flores. It is the gradual hair-raising excitement when you go from watching the lounging orangutans to the prowling komodo. From the precision of the Balinese dancer to the idyllic white sands of the Sumbawa; the glamour of Jakarta to the dramatic history of the Banda Islands; mouthwatering Bali to the magnificent Borobudur, it is the sheer contrast that one encounters here that makes Indonesia a truly intriguing experience.

The reasons to love Vietnam are many, with it being a glorious assault on your sense, a culinary superpower, home to its own share of thrills and chills, and a great testament to the progress that can be made due to peace after war. You can choose to escape to the surrealistic limestone islands from Halong Bay, explore the world’s most spectacular cave systems or just hike around the place indulging in activities that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.
From the illimitable lengths of food stalls filled to the brim with quirky, local delicacies at Hanoi coupled with a stroll along the Lake Huu Tiep to the culture centric treks of the Muong Hoa Valley, Vietnam is an adventure haven. Visit the famous mausoleum of a former Saigon governor, Le Van Duyet, at the even more popular Ho Chi Minh City and enjoy a tour ending with sunsets at Turtle Lake. Discover for yourself the traditional handicrafts of Hoi An or just merge into the placidity of the seemingly empyreal beaches of Phu Quoc. Snorkel off into the sunset only to return for a delicious treat of seafood unique to this country.

Contact me if you need any more help :slight_smile:


Nearby Hanoi, I can spend one day trip to Ninh Binh province, It is very famous for beautiful nature, local spots. There are caves, mountains, rice fields, rivers…


Perhaps you can consider Thailand say Bangkok or Phuket…
Thailand is the most tourist visited country in Asia
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I visited few places in India last year. Great experience it was. You can do a little google search for amazing places.


Hi, I would suggest you to include Bangkok in your list. This is very beautiful place full of beauty of nature. You will get refreshed here during trip. Have a lovely trip.
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You can ask your travel agent, it is better for you.


I think first you should visit Indonesia tour because here are so many islands. After that you can see rest places.


To be honest, a 10-day trip is just enough for your exploration in some famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. You can start your itinerary inHanoi- the capital of Vietnam in 3 days. This period of time is my suggestion for your limited time to travel.
The, head to Ninh Binh to visit Tam Coc- Bich Dong, Mua Cave, Trang An complex.
After that, you definitely should go to Ha Long bay.
Da Nang - the beautiful coastal city in central Vietnam is a must