Asian Fusion 17'


Hey, I’m Sara 18yo from Melbourne Aus, booked onto Asian Fusion 26Nov - 22Dec! Super excited to meet everyone! Hit me up on facebook! :slight_smile: ( Sara Elso)


Hi Sara

I’m booked on the same Asian fusion tour as you. So excited already :grinning:



Have you considered Thailand say Bangkok or Phuket?
Thailand is the most tourist visited country in Asia
And there’s this Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2017 coming up in a few days…
I am really excited that this
Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2017
is starting soon…

Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2017
Date: 15 Jun - 15 Aug 2017
Venue : Throughout Thailand

Lots of offers and discounts throughout Thailand.
A great time to travel and tour Thailand.


Hey Sara, just booked this same tour and sent a friend request :slight_smile: Never been to Asia at all before so quite excited! From the UK myself.

I’m going away on another Topdeck tour tomorrow but will be looking at pre-arrangements/flights/visas in September.



Hey!! Myself and my friend Lena are booked on the Road to Phnom Penh. Same tour but we do not go to Vietnam! So excited to meet you all and share this amazing experience:)


ohh so cool. Can’t wait to get this started :smiley:
See you all soon. :slight_smile:


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