Asian Fusion 05/06/16


Hey guys,

I’ve just booked the Asian Fusion starting 5th of June, has anyone else booked for these dates also? :grin:


yea me and my mate just booked for the same dates. its going be awesome


Awesome! We should start a Facebook group so anyone who is coming can meet before we get there!


Sounds good!!


Hey I’m also heading on Asian Fusion on 5th June then following it with Samui Sunsets. I’m already far too excited…

Anyone heading to Bangkok early?


Awesome we get there on the 2nd of June u?


I arrive morning of the 4th June I think, sourcing stuff to do in Bangkok for the day before. Are you staying at the hotel where the trip starts from when you arrive?


I arrive on the 4th as well but late at night staying at the same hotel. Not long to go now!