Asia is safe for travel



I have been living in India for the past 25 years of my life and growing up in this country has been an enthralling experience. We do have upsetting crime reports at times but there is a majority of Indian population living safely in the country without any complaints. I keep traveling from time to time and I have had no safety issues as of yet. I think I can say that Asia is indeed safe for travel.


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for sure asia is safe to travel i travel twice to oman with smart travel and tourism and i spent alot of fun day and discover new places


I totally agree that Asia is safe for travel. I recommend you should choose Vietnam to visit. Vietnam is a peaceful country with alot of amazing places. Last year, i visited to Halong Bay and have a memorable trip with Glory legend cruise. I could not describe my feeling, it was best trip of my life.


Asia is safe for travel. Asian countries are full of cultures and traditions, like India


Hi, Asia is safe enough to travel but you need to be careful even if everything is alright. Asian are very friendly in nature. Here you will learn how the people with different culture and beliefs live together and share their feelings without hurting anyone. :grinning:
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Asia is so good.
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Yes, Asia is very safe… Asia is safe to travel to – just travel smart!



Yes, Asia is very safe for travel. If you want to plan your holiday in Asia visit



why dont you come to India and have a tour to mountains.
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Yes, Asia is safe for travel.


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Thanks for your information it is very helpful for everyone.


Which is the first and second one?


Thanks for visiting Vietnam! I hope our country made an good impression in your memories :grinning: