Asia is safe for travel



I have been living
in Asia for 2 years now (1 by myself and 1 as part of couple). In general…I
would say that Asia is very safe. I have walked around alone in China, Vietnam
and Thailand by myself and had no problems. In these countries that I have been
to…I have rarely ever experienced any catcalling and I actually feel more
safe and comfortable than I do back home in the States. However, I think that
these countries have a different idea about women sometimes. For example,
smiling at a man or giving a wave (something that to you is just being polite)
is often an invitation for them to approach you in a flirtatious way. I have
had occasional run-ins with men in Asia just assuming I was promiscuous because
I was foreign and traveling alone. But no one was ever aggressive towards me. I
think you should just use the same caution you would anywhere and maybe try to
avoid being “polite”.


By asians exactly whom you mean? Because China, India has a complete different culture so can you be little more specific?


Yes I have seen also Asia is safe for travel. asian countries are full of cultures and traditions


yeah i’m working in chengdu, china, i have to say that the environment here is seriously polluted, i cannot see the sun, and the food is so oily :dizzy_face:


Why don’t come to Vietnam? The people are friendly and food is good!
And more of that, there are many place to go and visit like Mekong Delta, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, Hue…
I once go there in photography trip, Cu Chi exactly and I have to say these views are beautiful!!!


you don’t worry about that. In asia very safe to visiting


Thanks lots to you all for this thread because i am from India and will say only that we try always to satisfy our guest or tourist. We did always our best for you all safe and memorable trip to India or in Asia.


There wouldn’t be any doubt if I say India is the best country to travel with your loved ones. I am a travel freak and have almost visited most of destinations like Kerala, Ooty, Chennai, Rajasthan, etc. This time we are planning for North India Tour Package. This package is covering destinations Delhi,Agra,Shimla,Manali,Mussoorie. I am so excited for my next trip. We are going on December 27.


Asia is the most safest place for travel. Recently I had visited Bangalore and explored many beautiful and famous places. I have enjoyed alot my trip and that Bangalore travel package was very affordable for me. Bangalore is an exciting holiday destination.


Yes Asia is safe for travel. asian countries are full of cultures and traditions and people are friendly and food is good.


Rightly said. Asian people treat their guests like a god. Especially in India we people believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam means the whole world is one family, all are brother and sisters. As i am a travel agent, i always keep this in mind and treat our guests like wise.


Very safe to visit Asia!! In particular, India is truly safest and good hospitality of all.


Not all places are safe enough. It depends where you like to travel.


Good information. I was planning on traveling Asia and i feel good and already safe to hear that. But the most important thing is whether you go to safe country, it really depends where you are walking and hanging around.


Yeah They tend to be more polite, especially for women. I felt it too. Also, compared to European countries, crime possibility is lower. However, that’s just a rate, so whenever you travel around, being careful is the priority mind.


I have been to southern part of India last summer. It is really safe out there and a perfect place to rejuvenate and relax.
Planning to visit Thailand next hope it’s the same there.


Alcohol is mostly legal throughout Southeast Asia, with a few exceptions: the tiny country of Brunei, along with conservative parts of Indonesia and Malaysia, completely ban booze.


I would agree with that but there are still many crimes out there, so please take consider and be careful while exploring Asia.

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Safety is something travelers often try to push to the back of their minds even though they should not. The world may be our oyster, but in some places the shell can be a little too tough.

In Southeast Asia, most destinations are believed to be safe for foreign visitors. However, a trip to Singapore is very different to a trip to the Philippines.

What about Vietnam?

According to the biennial Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report produced by the World Economic Forum, the country is now the third safest place to travel to in the region.


Yes! I agree that some part of Asian continent is safe to travel solo. Countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore have their own culture and they treat every guest as god. I am not sure about countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan as heard a lot about terrorism over there.