Arrogance, arrogant undisputed!


Want to freeze this master of this level of cut points, is simply impossible. To limits on his hit rate should be a good defense, so the goal of Kobe Bryant, Li Immersió and without the slightest frustration. He has not arrogant to want zero closure the Kobe Bryant realm - this is a single field casually can the guy scored 81 points.

Guan Yu Li said Kobe,cheap jerseys wholesale
, Bryant scored lost or frustrated, but STAPLES Center focuses on this goal represents the most frenetic and most fervent cheers - MVP! MVP! MVP!

Although this is just the opening game of the regular season, but the Lakers ball mí can not wait for their leaders awards.

In this regard, Li Immersió only ridicule, shaking his head, mumbled words: “arrogant seen, never seen such arrogant!”

“You can enter a exactly the same?” Kobe Bryant suddenly Guan Yu, Li said such a sentence: “You do not like the way he has applied Bishen you?”

The tone is more like pointing incentives, unlike stimulate provocative.

Li Guan Yu will not bother about Kobe Bryant in the end is what kind of tone, he was just a side head slightly, paying lip service to gently move, and then back to one: “Why not? Such as you wish!”

Then they turned,wholesale jerseys from china
, quickly run upfield.

&&& …

Kobe Bryant score more and more dull, but more and more dangerous. Before his body did not like that of the world’s best, but the sense of attack already sharpening into a demon. Want to defend him, it is extremely difficult! If there are no accidents, Kobe Bryant can at least keep on the offensive end efficient attack for at least three to five years even after five years, averaging twenty for him will be as easy, such as eating and drinking. "Kenny Smith praised the case.

"Kobe Bryant is still the Union top5, no doubt about it, but … you do not think the slogan the Lakers ball mí now blast out a bit too arrogant some of it? Year’s regular season MVP should also not yet settled? At least I think ,cheap authentic jerseys
,the super-lee get MVP probability 比科比布莱恩特 To take on many, many! "Senior Fish honey Reggie Miller said the case.

“Reggie said, I am recognized I now look forward to the Super-lee how to give fight back, he is not like to be a hit in his head basketball defender.” Charles Barkley said the case: "If I remember correctly, the super-lee should be the entire alliance most like to give ANSP; …

Charles Barkley looks the Li Immersió given answer-Ball, Eric Gordon has passed the basketball Lee Guan Yu. With Li Immersió along much, but he also knows Lee Immersió hand to the ball and what it means? When he saw Lee Immersió to stretched out his right hand, he has no reason not to pass the basketball -,authentic nfl jerseys
, when training game, Li Immersió more than once said to them: I can a whole field shot once in the past, but when I lend a hand to ball to you, please be sure to the basketball jiāo to me.

The moment in Li Immersió ball, Kobe Bryant has not yet stand a good defensive position. In theory, Li Guan Yu has an excellent shot, according to his hit rate of voids, at least over 80 per cent of the accuracy of the basketball into the basket. But he did not do so, but he was unchanging pace, Korean Kobe Bryant beckoned: “Come, let me tell you how you just attack the evolution of a more perfect!”

Once the league, so to speak?

Arrogance, arrogant undisputed!


true story?