Arriving back from tour


Hi guys

I have booked to do a Spirit of Europe tour in September.

I read online as do not have the top deck book that you will arrive back to London about maybe later depending on traffic etc. They suggest not to book flights home on the last day due to this fact.

However i am not sure do I have to book accommodation for this night or is it already booked through topdeck? (seeing as that is the last day of the tour).


Hi Kirstyfly,

I haven’t been on a tour yet myself (June 2011 Eastern Explore!) but my travel agent went on one recently and we’ve talked about this.

She said that the night is not included in the trip but that pretty much everyone stays.

They are generally scheduled to arrive in london after suppertime (around 9pm like you said) but hers arrived at about midnight. She told me that even if I don’t want to stay and tour london that I should plan to stay that evening and book a post-night through topdeck since the tour bus will go to the Clink anyways (and finding your way to another hostel or hotel could be tough). Planning to fly out that evening or during the night could be a problem. I won’t be taking a chance.


Hi Kirstyfly

i am doing the Essential tour in May and i have prebooked a room where the tour drops us off as it is not included - so for total peace of mind - it’s best to prepay/book a room as you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the nite with nowhere to stay …

Happy travels



Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

I have gone an booked for the day/night my tour arrives back to London.


Hey Kirsty

What date are you starting on your tour?

Im doing the Spirit of Europe leaving on the 13/09/11


I’m doing the spirit of Europe leaving on the 4th October.