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I was wondering if someone who has done this trip before such at the winter getaway would be able to tell me if the arrival tome back from the trip of 9pm is accurate just working out accommodation and transport.


Hey, I’m doing the Winter Getaway tour that leaves on November 6th (leaving Vancouver in less than 20 days now…can’t wait!!!), and have received an official itinerary with times and dates (so it seems like they’re pretty organized and like to do things according to a set schedule). Obviously traffic and other travel factors should be considered, but as far as I know their goal is to arrive back in London as close to 9 p.m. as possible. They do strongly recommend though that you book your return flight from London for the next day and stay in the hostel the night your trip gets back. Hope that helps!


The last Top Deck I did finished in London at just after 6pm, but having said that, if there are ferry issues or the bus breaks down (and believe me, I’ve had buses break down on 3 tours over the years), then the 9pm finish time would be accurate.

If you’re booking accommodation, the best bet is to let them know that you will be a late check in. Either way, you won’t be able to book flights out, as most Lon-Syd flights depart at around 10pm and with allowing an hour travel time and 2-3hrs (it is Heathrow) for check in etc, it’s not feasible.



Hey hockeyfan2010,
I am doing a tour in March for Winter Getaway and there are a few of us really wanting to see an itinerary just so we can get an idea of what we can fit in. If it is possible could you please email the itinerary so we can all start planning our trip. My email is



Hi Jess,

An itinerary for the Winter Getaway tour is available on the website, if you want to have a look:

Also, a copy of the detailed itinerary will be sent out to you 6 weeks before your trip departure.

Hope this info helps,


Topdeck Team


Hi there,
I’m booked on the Grand European tour that departs London on April 5th 2011 and arrives back on May the 2nd.

My flight back to Brisbane departs Heathrow Airport at 10:15 PM on the day the tour gets back.
When I booked, the travel agent said that she would guarantee the tour would get back to London in the morning so I would have plenty of time before my flight, but after reading Anasatasias post, I now have my doubts. Can anybody please tell me whether I will have to adjust my flight or not?

Matt :slight_smile:


hey matt89, i would book for the day after to be safe, all it takes is some bad weather, a car accident or something similar and its all over, top deck state that you shouldnt make arrangememnts for that night for a reason, as they have had it happen before, your agent should know that…

hope that helps,



Thanks heaps :slight_smile: