Arranging visa's


Is there anyone from Europe who has done the Asian Fusion tour before?

I’ve got a question about arranging visa’s
I’ve read that you can get a visum for Cambodia and Laos at the border.
but topdeck suggest to arrange it before, but it’s more difficult and expensive than to get it there
How did you do it? Do we get time to buy it there?

Thank you in advance


Nope I am from Asia. If you need any kind of help please let me know. Thanks!


Hi Lorena, I am thinking of doing this tour in July 2018. Did you manage to sort out your visas for your tour and how easy was it?


Hi Alexandra. It was all easier than expected.
The only visa you need to have beforehand is Vietnam. Cause crossing is trough land, and you can’t arrange it there. You can arrange Laos & Cambodia at the border if you want to. I did my Cambodia visa online, so easy. And it’s trough the official website, so all good. And I did Laos at the border, no problems either. Just make sure you have US dollars and the right amount. Same for Cambodia. It’s easier if you have your visas before so you don’t hold up the rest. But it was like half/half with our group. So you’re probably not going to be alone if you get it there.
And you’re gonna enjoy this trip, it was so good! If you have any more questions, ask me :slight_smile:


Hi Lorena! I’m from Australia and I will be doing the Asian Fusion tour next month.
I’ve already done my E-Visa’s online for Vietnam and Cambodia pretty easily. I’m trying to figure out what is the best way to get my visa for Laos, as I don’t think you can get it online.
I assume you’ve been on the Asian Fusion tour in the past and you went through the same border crossing from Thailand to Laos. You mentioned you got your Laos Visa at the border.
Was that very easy to do at the time? Can Australians do that too? How much did it cost exactly? Do we have enough time to do it during the crossing? And do I need to do/prepare anything before hand to get the Laos Visa?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Liem.

Are you sure you’ve got the correct visa for Vietnam?
Cause the E-visa is used if you enter Vietnam by air. If you do the Asian Fusion Tour crossing is by land. Unless it’s changed since december :wink:
Eveyone in our group had it arranged before trough the Embassy. Your Cambodia visa will be fine.
For the Laos one. Getting it at the border is so easy. Make sure you bring US dollars and the correct amount. Mine was 35dollars. But it’s different for every country. You need a photo too. Your trip leader will gave you the right paperwork. And you get as much time as you need.
Enjoy your trip!


Hi Lorena.

I’ve double checked my Vietnam E-Visa and it does show that I will be entering via the Moc Bai landport in Vietnam. I hope that is the correct landport as that’s what the Topdeck website shows. Looking at the website, this E-Visa has only come into effect since December 2017, so fingers crossed. I will get some US dollars and a passport photo ready and hopefully they will let me into Laos. Thanks very much for the info, it is much appreciated. :sunglasses: