April 28th Grand European Tour!


Me And a Mate are going on this tour, we know we’re not the only ones going!?!?[br][br]plz get in touch![br][br]Wayne[br][br]ShotBlasters on Tour


Hey, I too am going on this tour. I cant wait. I was thinking about bringing my kite along. Do you think this would be O.K?[br][br]Let the good times roll


How bout anyone going on the 12 MAY one??[br]Im leaving New Zealand in 10 days… Cant wait!!! Its bloody cold here!


Hi Wayne and others. I going on the La Dolce Vita tour which joins your Grand European tour when you get to Venice in Italy.[br][br]Im from NZ and am hanging out in London for a couple of weeks before heading to Italy to start in Veince.[br][br]I am jelous that those of you doing the Grand European get to start in two days and hope you are still up for partying when I join the tour on the 11th of May.[br][br]See you in Venice.[br][br]Ross