Applying for working visa's


Hi everyone,[br][br]This has absolutely nothing to do with the tours but i am planning on applying for a working visa for the uk.[br]Some people have recommended applying through a company to assist with application. Has anyone applied for a visa by themselves without assistance. Was it pretty straight forward?[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Maree:)


Hi Minnie,[br]It depends on the type of visa you want. I from Oz and applied for the Youth Mobility Visa, if you follow all the instructions it’s dead easy. Myself and 2 friends applied and it only took 13 days to get approved. The visa4uk website was the best one to use. Don’t fork out heaps of money on something that is so easy to do now.


Hey Minnie, I also applied for the Youth Mobility Visa myself and it was pretty easy. Just make sure you do it 3 months before your departure and have ALL of the correct documents in your application, otherwise it will take awhile to lodge an appeal (this happened to a friend of mine and she had to delay her trip!). Don’t leave it to the last minute!


hey Maree,I did my youth mobility visa as well,after filling out my online application then having my fingerprints scanned and a photo done at the immigration department all up my visa took about 8 weeks from applying to getting my visa delivered. It’s pretty easy to do it by yaself,you just have to make sure you apply for the right visa and match the requirements for your chosen visa.


hey i just got my uk visa (youth mobility), was pretty straight forward. only took 2 weeks from sending it off to get it back. my friend however got hers rejected because her bank statement was in black and white and not the one of the coloured ones u get in the mail every few months. As a result she cant even enter the uk to visit. make sure u follow instructions very carefully!!


Thanks everyone. So app done was pretty straight forward. So just got biometrics appointment to go and then just have to wait and see.[br][br]Much appreciated:)[br][br]Maree:)