App not working


Is anyone else’s app not working or is it just mine? Mine keeps crashing. I can’t even log in. Am I the only one? Havnt seen any boards relating to this.


Hi Stephanie,

I am having the same problems with the app and it doesn’t load past the POI categories so I have not been able to actually get into the app. I did send them an email regarding this and below was their response:

“Our app developers have been working on a new app update and have implemented a brand new chat version in the latest release, which has in turn caused some issues including the app crashing and the chat deleting. They are currently working on a fix for this over the next couple of days, so we appreciate your patience in the meantime. Once the app update has been implemented, the app should be working correctly again.”

Hopefully it will be fixed in the next few days as I can’t wait to use it :slight_smile:


I got my app in Jan when i first signed up… and not had any issues. I used an android system.


I originally downloaded the app in January as well and it was working fine until I updated it a couple weeks ago when the new app update came out.

Advice to you is if you see an update for the app don’t download it lol as the new update earlier this month has been nothing but trouble.

Maybe androids didn’t get the app update. Lucky!



Yeh my phone will normally ask if i want todo app updates but its never come up! Lol… its about to die too. So my new phone will be another story because what ever app i download probably has the issues you’ve spoke of along with others.

All in all the app is pretty much more universal than fb. So it would be handy to have work haha. Not that everyone would use it. But I think its got great things on it and having a yarn to some of my fellow travellers (all aussies atm lol)


If an app installed on your Android device is crashing, won’t open or respond, or isn’t working properly, one of the troubleshooting steps below may fix the issue.

Step1: Restart and Update
Restart your device
Check your Android Update
Update the app

I hope this help u…