Hi,[br]I am going on the Winter Wonder on Jan 2 (anyone on this tour?) and wanted to know if we have to bring along an adapter? I am from Australia and I know we can charge phones and cameras on the bus but what point does it have?[br][br]Thanks,[br]Andrea[br][br]Andrea


Hi there, i would not rely on being able to charge your phones and cameras in the bus, there is generally only one-two outputs and loads of people on the tour. Just take a european adapter for the powerpoints in your hotel rooms/hostels (unless you are camping??)and charge it overnight as you sleep. I always take a double adapter as well, so i can charge my ipod/camera/phone etc. [br][br]


Thanks for the advice. I bought an adapter while I was in Greece, do you know if that is the same for all of Europe? I am staying in hotels so charging over night will work for me.[br][br]Andrea


The adaptor I got was for the whole of Europe but keep in mind Britain has a different one


The Europe one will be for the whole of Europe as far as I know. At least everywhere I went on tour was the same.[br][br]But as Kyla says, UK plugs are different so you will also need a UK adapter if you are spending any time in the UK.


A handy little tip I found is to, along with your adaptor, take a four or five point power board with you so that you can charge your phone, laptop, use a hair drier, shaver etc all at once. One of the best tips I have ever come across.


Thanks for the advice.[br][br]Andrea


If your going to switzerland, you will need a different adaptor as they dont use the same as europe. we got caught out here when we travelled, you can hire them for around 5 euro but their wasnt enough to go around.