ANZAY Day Turkey Trotter - 2006


Hi[br][br]I would be interested in hearing from anyone else that is planning on doing the Anzac Day Turkey Trotter tour. Also interested in hearing experiences of others that have done the Anzac day trips with topdeck.[br][br]Cheers[br]Mike


When i was on my Italy trip in 2004 my tour manager was a briliant Kiwi guy. I got to talking to him about how i too wanted to go to gallipoli on anzac day to show my respect for this place and this day. He told me that on this day all the aussie dick heads get there and get drunk and chant aussie aussie aussie and generally make a huge mess. This personally was not the experience i am after i was raised to believe that anzac day is a day to reflect and remember. Not to get drunk and be a lout. I will choose a different time to travel because of this. [br]Hopes this helps Krissy :-[


Hi Mike,[br][br]I will be on the mega europe tour during this time, and my tour will be in Turkey for Anzac day. So I may see you there. [br][br]Tanya