Hey guys,[br][br]I’m just wondering if anyone has done any of the anzac tours? I think it would be a really good experience and I’m thinking about doing the 6 day Patrol. If anyone has any feedback eg. worthing going with a tour or by yourself?[br][br][br]Thanks[br][br]Anthony


hey,[br]i’m booked in to do the 15 day tour. One of the topdeck girs told me that they were filling up very fast! yeah i’ll be on my own but that wont stop me. But i hope you realise that alot of people just go to Gallpoli get drunk and run a muck. I promised my nanna i woud be cracking one open for her! if you are in the tour, i think all the topdeck groups are together at the dawn service so thats pretty cool. im trying to meet other ppl doing the tours so i can make a friend before we go.[br][br][br]Ultimate Egypt[br]25 Jan 09[br][br]15 Day ANZAC Expidition [br]12 April 2010[br][br][br]meganspeed


Hey Megz,[br][br]Thanx for that, I’m most likely booking it tomorrow. So hopefully I’ll meet ya in Gallpoli it would be cool if all the top deck tours are one big group. Thanks for the heads up. Have you got any travel plans after that tour?[br]


Hi, I’m doing the march mega european tour which is there for ANZAC day, kinda funny that my first ever dawn service attended is at the actual place


hey Stazz,[br]im doing my travelling before the tour. going to manilla for 2 weeks. But i have a bit of a situation…i booked all my flights and that and after manilla i have booked a flight to london. i was going to stay with my man for 18 days but he “forgot” to tell me he found someone else. so now im stuck in london in 18 days all alone before the tour. i dont know what to do!!! if you or anyone else has any idea of what i can do it would be a great help. anyone goingto be in london on march 25???


hey, I’m in London for a week before the tour start, going to spend 3 days exploring the city, one day as a day trip to Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor. Then doing a 3 day tour of Scotland, before coming back to London the night before the tour departs. Also leaving the tour in Amsterdam and staying on there for 2 weeks. There are heaps of options for what to do, have a look at some short trips around the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales if you want to kill some time.


hey,[br]Yeah im just a little scared that i wont meet anyone and i’ll be all alone lol. im staying at the generator so hopefully i’ll meet someone. Didnt really expect to not see the fella but everything happens for a reason :slight_smile: i just wanna find someone before i leave lol[br][br]Ultimate Egypt[br] 25 Jan 09[br][br]ANZAC Expedition [br]12 April 09


Hey Megz, looks like we will be kinda at the same place same time, but I’m going to Scotland on the 26th for 3 days and then staying at the clink the night before my tour leaves. I’ve got 4 days in London before that as well.


Hey Megz[br]My friend and I are booked in to do the 15 day Turkey tour as well - can’t wait! We are arriving in Istanbul from Melbourne on the day the tour starts - so hopefully we wont be too tired. Am counting down the days till we go![br]Jane :slight_smile:


hi jane,[br]omg so glad someone is in this tour! yeah im from perth and i’ll be comming in from london the day of the tour. yes im counting down already too! how old are you and your friend? my last topdeck tour i was the youngest in the group and im sure i will be again. im only 19. you girls going anywhere else apart from turkey? nah you wont be to tired,its worse on the way home then on the way there if that akes any sence lol. Do you have facebook?[br][br]Ultimate Egypt[br] 25 Jan 09[br][br]ANZAC Expedition [br]12 April 09


Hey Megz,[br][br]I’ll be in dubai before this the ANZAC tour, I get into istanbul on the 21st of april but you will on your tour already! I’m booking on friday so I’ll deff be on the tour and I spoke to the top deck guys and they said that all the ANZAC tours meet up so we’ll have to have a drink together.


hey stazz,[br]oh thats great! so exciting, that just reminds me i have to call topdeck! i get compensation from my last topdeck tour so a big chunk of my tour is paid for me . you’ll pick me out from the group, i’m the really loud one lol. it’ll be good to get to know u a bit before the touors start:)


Hey Megz[br]I’m 23 and my friend is 28. We are both just doing Turkey, then going to London - my friend for 2 weeks, whilst I’m settling down and finding somewhere to live in London, hopefully setting up a base to explore more of Europe! Yep I do have facebook :)[br]Jane


Hey all![br][br]just thought i’d join in cause i’m going on the ANZAC Expedition as well. I’m going to be flying into Istanbul the day the tour leaves anyone doing the same?[br][br]Lizzie


Hey Lizzie,[br]yeah i fly into turkey from london late arvo the day the tour starts.You going solo or with someone? I dont want to be all alone lol. Where abouts are you from? so good to hear of more people on this tour!!!


Yeah i fly with british airways landing in Istanbul around 1pm i think[br]I am a Brissy girl, will be 21 by the time the tour stars, i fly into London on the 24th March and then go on a contiki tour for 16 days then 3 days in london before flying to turkey, after our tour i’m making my way home via Hong Kong.[br]I am going by myself too so no fear!


i think we may be on the same flight to instanbul! i’ll have to check when i get home tonight. im in lodon for 18 days before the tour…dont know what im going to do tho lol. yeh hongkong sounds great! how long will you be there for? we mite have to catch up in london before the tour. im so excited already aye!


That would be great if we were on the same flight! if your in london for 18days before the tour maybe you should find another trip or tour to go on? I mean otherwise you’ll be alone over easter and that would suck, there may be some special easter tours at least? or you do a big tour of the english countryside?


Im lucky i left my flights in my car.i depart london at 10:30am on 12 April and arrive in instanbul at 16:15. with british airways. Hope your on that flight! yeah i looked at tours and that to do but i cant seem to find any so im proberly just going to wing it and see where i end up!


Nooo! i’m not on that flight, i leave at 7:00am on the Monday morning and land in Istanbul at 1pm. Where are you staying while your in london?