Anzac Day on the Western Front


Hey there!

Just wanting to find out if anyone else is booked or is planning to book on the 4 day Anzac Day tour of the Western Front!

I’m booking this weekend, so excited and wanted to meet other excited travellers too!


Hey Hannah

Me and a friend are booked to go on this trip. I’m really looking forward to it. I was at Villers Bretonneux for ANZAC Day last year and it was amazing. We’re going to leave the tour after the Dawn Service though as the tour goes back to London that day and one of the highlights for me was meeting the random Aussies in town later that day.

We’re both 21 and from Australia - what about yourself?



I’m 21 from Western Australia originally, but I’m living in Edinburgh, Scotland, so I’ll be travelling down to London!!

I’m very excited, I’m booking tomorrow (pay day!) and I’ve never been on a tour as such since I’ve been living in the UK. It’ll be a good taster I think, and combined with the Western Front…amazing!!


That’s really cool! We’re actually travelling up to Scotland after the tour!

How long have you been living over there for?


Hi Ladies

I am also booked on this tour… Will be here before we know it… So excited!



I’ve been living in Edinburgh since Feb 2009. I love it here!!

G, I CANNOT wait either. I’m so excited - it’s the first ever tour I’ve done that isn’t a day trip, so I’m very eager!!

Just resurrecting this for anyone else who is going - where is everyone staying the night before? I am hoping to book the Clink 78 hostel, might as well because I don’t want to have to trek across London at an ungodly hour of the morning to get there for 6:30! :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone who is going wants to meet up before hand for a wee drink and a meet and greet, I would love to!!!

See you all in April!