ANZAC day - 2012


Has anybody else booked the 4 night Anzac Day tour for 2012? B-)


Hey Bianca I’m tossing up which one to do, I’m considering the 8 day trip, just to see more of Turkey.



Hey Bianca - I am going! just booked my 4 day tour the other day… :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I am doing the 8 day trip just to see more of Turkey since I have been to Istanbul before. But I guess we will all end up in the same place on the same day!! ;D


Hi Alison, glad to hear of another peson doing the 8 day tour- it’ll be great to see more of Turkey! Louise


Hi All, I have also planned to do the 8 day trip. Can’t wait to meet you all.


Hi All

I’ve booked the 5 day Patrol + Egypt Express. can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone

I’m booked for 8 day trip + Egypt Express (leaving 28 Apr). I’ve been saving for ages and can’t wait! all up travelling for 6 months with tours in between.


Hi all

My husband and I are booked for the 14 day trip! So I guess we will see you guys along the way :slight_smile: We are so excited!!


Hi Clare

I am also booked onto the 5 day tour for ANZAC day. Booked on the 24day Winter Spirit beforehand :smiley:

See you there!


I’ve booked the 8 day trip with my best friend. We are both living in London at the moment and thought that this was the best opportunity to experience something amazing.


My best friend and I are also doing the 8 day trip :slight_smile: It’ll be my second tour ever, we’re doing the Roman chariot before!


Hey mates
I’ve just booked myself on the 8 day tour. First time to Turkey looking forward to seeing some of it before the anzac part of the tour.
I’m from Queensland aswell.


Hi all! I’ve booked the 14 day ANZAC and then the 9day Egypt Express - looking forward to both!! Is any one else doing ANZAC the Egypt and needing pre/post accom??


Finally someone doing the 14 day trip :smiley:
We are not doing the Egypt trip though, not enough A/L…


It’s so great to see so many aussies like me and our mates from new zealand wanting to go do such a once in a lifetime thing. Makes me proud to be australian. So looking forward to my trip.


Hey guys, where are you staying pre/post the tour? I have a few days before and after tour before I head back home, and I still haven’t booked anywhere yet!


Hey mate.
I’m doing the 8 day aswell, as for accomidation pre and post I arrive into istanbul on the morning the tour starts at like 5:15am. Post I’m staying at the same hotel the tour ends at.


We are staying at the hotel we start our tour off in.


Has anyone looked at flights to Istanbul for the 8 day trip? I’ve just booked a flight from London(Luton) on an Easyjet flight leaving on the 19th of April at 6:30am. It looks like the cheapest option and gives plenty of time to arrive in Istanbul and check in with Topdeck in the afternoon. Is anyone else on the same flight?