ANZAC 6 day patrol 21/04/2010


Hey Guys,

Not long now, can’t wait actually! My brother has now decided he is going to tag along. We get into Istanbul at 6pm on the 20th. So if anyone is keen to catch up before the tour starts let me know. Also we haven’t booked our accommodation yet so if anyone knows a good place (hostel) or will be someone that night let us know.

Cya all soon


ANZAC 6 day patrol 2010
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looking at the 10 day tour for anzac day with same mob - might see you at dawn service, you never know :slight_smile:


Hey neen,

Yeh I’ve talked to a few of the top deck tour guides and they have said that all the tours meet up at the dawn service so I’ll deff cya there.


I’ll see ya there! I am arriving on the 21st at 6:15am I think it is from Melbourne, via Singapore. This six day tour is the start of a Round the World trip for me, I can’t wait!



Hey all, I have started a group on facebook for all the people doing ANZAC tours. The link is!/group.php?v=wall&gid=317933045207


Hey Scotty,

I’ve tried to click on the link to your fb group but it is a dead link? don’t sure what you called it so can’t find it either. Can you please let me know what it is. would be good to talk to you guys before our awesome tour! btw I have found an awesome hostel for anyone that will be in instanbul the night before the tour. It’s called the metropolis Hostel. Its only around the corner from the meeting point of the tour at the fahri hotel.


Hey Stazz the link works for me… so not sure why it doesn’t for you but anyway the group is called:

Top Deck ANZAC Tours 2010



Thanks for that mate found it.


Hey guys,

My brother and I have booked a night at the metropolis hostel the night before the tour, so if anyone is looking at pre accom and books there let us know always up for a brewski.