Anzac 10 day sortie


Hi travellers! I will be doing the 10 day ANZAC tour beginning 17th April 2011. I will be travelling alone and really looking forward to this amazing experience. Would love to make contact with fellow travellers so let me know if you’re going too!!


Hey, i’m also doing the 10 tour and travelling along. Think i’m arriving on the 16th and can’t wait will be an awesome experience. I’m sure there will be plenty of people travelling alone.


hey gang!!!
im another solo traveller, best way to travel!!!
tour should be pretty amazing… only heard good things about it… cant wait!!


Great to hear from you Kelly and Torz! I’m sure we’ll be in contact before then. Nice to know there will be other people in the same boat, travelling alone. Are either of you planning any other trips before/after this one? I want to head over to Britain&Ireland afterwards so just in the process of organising that trip now!


Hi, i’m Meagan and i am another travelling doing this tour alone. I am also going to do a tour in Egypt leaving on the 7th of may


Heya, I am doing the ANZAC Sortie trip as well with a friend of mine. Then I am heading onto the Eastern Explorer trip by myself. Look forward to meeting you all =)


Hey all,
Seems travelling solo is popukar! Makes me feel a lot better knowing I wont be the only one travelling alone on this trip…
Will be great to meet you all!
I am also doing the Egypt Express tour that leaves the day we finish… Counting down the days!


Anyone know if this trip also goes through the ancient city of Hieropolis, near Pamukkale ?


hey guys, i am doing this trip too - i think we are all talking about the 9 DAY sortie that leaves on the 18th…?
looking forward to meeting everyone! i will be doing solo travelling before the trip (SPAIN, EGYPT, GREECE) and
meeting up with a friend for the ANZAC trip. anyone fancy coming to GREECE 10th April - 18th April??
i will also stay back in istanbul for a few days after, flying out on the 28th back to LONDON.
is anyone planning to stay behind?


Hi Bronwyn,

I have not been on here in ages as I have been so busy planning, planning!! I will probably stay back a night or 2 in Istanbul after the ANZAC trip. Planning to go over to the Greek Islands after this trip so it depends how that all pans out (ANYONE ELSE PLANNING TO GO TO GREEK ISLANDS AFTERWARDS?) Will you stay at the same Istanbul Hotel as on the tour? I don’t even know what it’s called as I haven’t recieved an info pack yet, have you??


Hi All,
i’m heading over with a friend for the 10day… we get into istanbul on the 16th and then leave straight after for egypt ;D
Can’t wait for this trip!!


Hi everyone, I just joined this trip also.

Looking forward to the Dawn Service. You’re all aware its a “camp out” in Gallipolli the night before the service right? Just wondering whether or not to buy a sleeping bag here in Australia before I leave, or risk picking one up in Istanbul when I get there… or even going without completely :wink:

I’m also travelling solo (Male, 28, West Aussie).
My very rough itinerary so far is to head over to Greece (similar to you Margie), then Italy, France, Spain, etc.

Looking forward to it, and fine-tuning my travel plans. I’m always keen to join up with like-minded travellers for a while.
This trip is my kick-off trip for a “gap year” in Europe/UK. So I’m wide-open with suggestions on trips I should take following this one.
I don’t even have a flight out of Turkey yet. See how that goes.


Hi everyone,

I am also planning on heading over to Greece for 10 days before go on to Egypt


So me and a friend are doing this tour too - and I have to say, I can’t wait!
All I want is some decent weather and ill be a happy boy.


Hey Meagan and Ian,

Looks like we have the same idea - who wouldn’t head over to the Greek Islands when we will be so close! Are you doing an organised tour/island hopping pass? I was thinking of flying from Istanbul to Rhodes and maybe have a pre-booked island hopping pass booked through one of the greek travel agents. Not really sure what the best way is to go about it.

As for sleeping bags Ian, I just purchased one online from They have a few at reduced prices at the moment and a lot of good “compact sized” options. I went for one of the “Moonlight” brands (comfort rating 0 to 28 degrees I think it is and it’s waterproof as apparently there’s a good chance of rain)! Also got a microfibre liner which adds some extra warmth. Does anyone have a recommendation for wet weather/wind jackets?

Not long now!



Margot, I don’t have anything booked yet for Greece. I still have to figure a way out of Turkey. An island hoping tour could be the go though.
Thanks for the heads up about the sleeping bags :wink:

Also, I arrive a day early… so looking at places to stay the night. Not sure about the recommended TopDeck (5-star) hotel AU$129 for singles. LOL. Blow my budget on the 1st night.

Looks like its gonna be quite cold. You can get more info (from the Govt.) by registering here:


Hi Ian
I’m also a west aussie (these days) and arriving a day early, flying out of perth on Sat 16th @ 6am on Emirates, when do you head off?

I had friends do this tour quite a few years ago and they recommened taking a sleeping bad as they aren’t that easy to get over there

Cheers Kelly


Hey Ian and Meagan, have either of you organised your Greek Islands trips? I still haven’t done a thing about it!! Haven’t even booked a way out of Turkey yet!


Hi Margie

current plan is to spend a few days the Athens, and then going to santorini until i fly back to Egypt


Kelly, we are on the same flight.
Meagan & Margie, no dead-set plans yet. One-way ticket so far. I don’t have a bed for the 16th or the 26th yet. Trying a few hostels, just waiting to hear back.
Glad there are a few other solo travelers going.

I’m actually looking into Oktoberfest right now too. Fun, fun, fun.