Anyone's in Winter Spirit 15/12/2011


Hello, anyone’s in Winter Spirit 15/12/2011 tour? I’m from the Sunshine Coast. Hope to meet everyone soon!



Hi Leanne,

I will be going on the Winter spirit tour on the 15th December 2011. I am from Melbourne! Can’t wait to meet you!


Hi… a friend and I are doing this trip. We are both from Perth. Cant wait to meet everyone.


Can’t wait to meet you all! Have you been to Europe before?


Hi :slight_smile:

My name’s Jessica. I’m going on this tour by myself. I’ll be in London for 3 days before the tour departs though. I’ve been to Rome and Venice before but that’s the extent of my overseas trips. Look forward to meeting everyone


Hi Guys,

Im Rosaleen from Perth and going on the Winter Spirit, looking forward to meeting you guys. I wonder where we’ll be for Christmas - Venice ?

cheers :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

The itinerary i got said we will be in Salzburg for christmas! Exciting :slight_smile:

I will be staying at the Clink 78 hostel the night before the trip. Anyone else staying there too?



Hi nicole :slight_smile:

I’ll be staying at Clink as well (from the 12th Jan until we leave and then again for two nights when we get back). We wake up in Venice on Christmas Day before we travel which will be exciting. Also I’m interested to see what Krakow is like for new years. What are you looking forward to the most?



my friend and i will be on this tour!

we are both from brisbane :slight_smile:


That sounds great Venice will be pretty…I really want a white Christmas haha fingers crossed we get one!

Looking forward to everything but probably European food the most! you?

I will see you at the Clink on the 14th!

What type of coat/jacket is everyone taking? I bought a down jacket but it can’t get wet so I’m thinking of just taking a insulated rain jacket? Not sure.



I’m looking forward to seeing the Louvre in Paris :slight_smile: I’m talking a leather jacket and a snow jacket (as these are always waterproof and very cosy). Can’t wait! getting close now


Hi guys,

I’ll be staying at the Clink Hostel too a few night before the tour and a few after : ). see you guys there.