Anyone younger traveling by themselves?


So i was spose to be traveling with my friend on the Greek Island tour,
but it looks like im going solo… are there any other younger solo travlers hitting up Greece this year?


hey. im travelling greek island hopper 7th of june. also travelling solo. whats your plans?


I’m going on the 21st of July… I havent found anyone else on my one yet lol
aw well hope you ahve a good trip!


Hey Sash
Similar thing happened to me but we hadn’t booked anything yet! Are you all booked in to go??
I am also looking for people doing Greece!


hey Jess,
yeah im all booked in for the 21st of July tour… have you booked at all yet?


No haven’t booked anything yet I would have booked the 21st but i’m going to the tomorrowland festival in belgium and it starts on the 26th July, damn!


aww true, that will eb amazing though… a couple of my friends are going to that when they’re over there… luck!