Anyone want to see a moulin rouge show 22/01/200


[br][br]Hi guys,[br]Just wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing a show at the moulin rouge on the 22/01/2010?? There is a 9pm show and an 11pm show, cost is 102 euro’s!! I have been told it is absolutely amazing and not to be missed. I am doing the winter spiit trip departing lonon on 21/01/2010, and sadly topdeck does not offer the moulin rouge as an optional extra (the one’s available i have been told are not as good)!! So i want to do the moulin rouge show anyways as i have no idea when and if ill be back in paris!! Please let me know if you are inteested as i am travelling alone and would love some company for the show! We can pe-book online aswel :)[br]Also this price does not include dinner, but if you are on this tour dinner is provided this night anyways!![br][br][br][br]Jonesy


Hey there,[br][br]Which tour are you on? I am on the Winter Wonder Tour commencing on the 17th of Jan. If your on the same one I’d be happy to come! : )[br][br]Winter Wonder Trip; commencing 17th January 2010![br][br]solo traveller.


Hi pauline,[br][br]Unfortunately i am not on the same tour as you :([br]i am on winter spirit leaving 21st of January, which means we will prob miss each other by a day or two in paris!![br][br][br][br]Jonesy


Hey Jonesy,[br][br]I will be on your tour and am pretty keen to see the show. I am also travelling alone, just need to figure out my budget. I really want to go as I have missed it on my past trips. Have you already booked?[br][br]Lesley


hey lesley, i replied to your message on laurens p0ost but didnt say i havnt b ooked yet my friend said you get a better deal by rocking up on the night![br][br]Jonesy