Anyone there? Scenic Scandi July 15th 2018


Hi All,

Anyone travelling on the Scenic Scandi -15th July 2018? Part of the Northern exposure just before it or Red Star Special.

I’m actually going to be joining the tour 1 day late in Oslo, so I’d love to touch base with fellow travellers before we all head off for a great trip :smiley: [feeling a little anxious about overseas travel tbh].



Hey I’m also doing scenic scandi starting on July 15th! I’m travelling on my own from the UK and i’m so excited :grinning: whereabouts are you from?


Hi Jenna, :slight_smile: I’m from Australia so from opposite sides of the world we’ll be converging on Norway. Its been ages since I’ve done any international travel & I’ve never gone on a tour before… so exciting, can’t wait.