Anyone 'The Maple Trail/USA & Canada Adventure' May 2017?


Hi everyone,
My name is Ashley, I’m 18, from Australia and a soon to be solo traveller next year.

I am doing ‘The Maple Trail’ which makes up part of the ‘USA & Adventure Tour’ on the dates of the 22nd-29th of May 2017.

Although very happy to make new friends upon the trip, I was wondering if anyone has booked or is thinking of going on these two trips around this time? Would love to meet a few people before I go.

Thanks guys :-))


Hi Ashley, im thinking of doing the same tour around May aswell,


You totally should consider it, it would be awesome to meet a few people on here before adventuring off.

Let me know when you decide :-))


doin the USA Canada Adventure on the 22nd, staying in New York a few days prior, will confirm somtime this week


Hey, I’m a little on the older end (28) but am considering doing the Maple Trail part of the trip as I’ve never traveled in Canada before. I am actually American so if you guys have never been to the US before feel free to ask any questions :slight_smile:


I am also staying in New York a few days prior. From the 19th of May. :slight_smile:


You totally should do it! Since the maple trial part of the USA and Canada Adventure finishes in Toronto, once it’s done I’m also spending 5 nights there.

It’ll be awesome! I’ll take note of the offer of answering questions. Thank you, hope that you decide to come. :slight_smile:


Already got the itinerary planed , will confirm it at the end of the week, staying at the hotels where th USA and Canada adventure starts, would be good to go around NY with some other Aussies and meet some locals


Yes exactly!
It would be awesome to experience it with new people. :slight_smile:


I went on a Contiki trip in the UK about a month ago. LOTS of Aussies. So if Top Deck is anything like Contiki then you all will have a blast with the familiarity of so many Aussies and you’ll also notice the weird quirks between our different versions of English (American and Australian).


I hope there are some! Although I do hope there’s a few Americans/Canadians - it’ll just be exciting anyway.

Do let me know if you decide to come. :slight_smile:


Hi Ashley, I’m 22 from Aus and I will be in New York from the 16th of May and i’m also doing the tour solo :slight_smile:


Oh yay! This is all getting too exciting - it would be awesome to meet you before the trip in New York! :slight_smile:


Alright guys, I’m signed up for the Maple Trail starting on May 22. I probably won’t stay too early in NY as I have work before then and NY is only about a 2.5 hour flight from where I live. However, I will most likely stay a little in Toronto/Canada after the short tour ends. I’m thinking about possibly going to a Toronto Blue Jays (professional baseball team in Toronto) game so if anyone that is staying in Toronto afterwards is interested in going to a baseball game let me know!


Staying in toronto for 5 nights afterwards so I’m keen :slight_smile:


Hi, I have just booked on the Maple Trail. I’m also from AUS (25, solo traveller) and will be in NYC for a few days prior to the trip starting and a couple of days in Toronto at the end :slight_smile: