Anyone going on Winter Getaway 29th Oct?


Hey all! Trying to find fellow travellers going on this trip!
I’m from Western Australia and will be traveling with a friend :blush: Super excited to head off! Will be in London the day before and for a few days after the tour too :smile:


Hey :smile:

My names Bryce, sounds like i’ll be on your tour too :smiley: im from Melbourne, but travelling alone, Look forward to meeting all the people from our trip

See you in a few weeks im sure :grin:


It’s getting so close now! I am so excited! :smile:


Hey Guys @riana.k @bmedlen7 last minute traveler here doing this tour. From Sydney!
Travelling alone as well. Looking forward to it!


Hi! My name is Marion and I’m going on the trip too :smiley: I’m from Melbourne, travelling alone and its my first time to europe! If you see me around please say hi :smiley: