Anyone going on the Winter Spirit 25th March?


Hi my name is Ryan, im 23 from Perth just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour?


helloooo! Someone on my tour :smiley: I’m Christine, from Melbourne.

Yes I’m doing this one. Flying to London on March 19th. Alternately panicking and getting very excited!


Hey Guys :slight_smile: Im on ur tour as well…I’m Suzie from Melbourne as well…looks like a few aussies on this tour…going to be a ball :slight_smile:

there is another topic on this tour as well and a few other aussies are going as well and one american that I know of

I’m arriving a couple of days before the tour, only one more week of work to go!!! haha


For those getting there before, are you staying at the Generator? I am arriving in London on the 20th, going by myself, need some buddies to see London with!

Suzie…are you sure you’re not going on the 25th Feb one? Just saw you posting in that thread…


oopss I looked at the date and not the month hehe sorry I have a screw loose or its just im getting senile in my old age haha

have a great time anyway guys


Hey Christine, I get to London on the 24th Feb and staying at the Generator and Piccadilly Backpackers.


Awww so far you are my only friend! When will you be at the Generator? I haven’t booked yet, but thinking about only staying at the Generator the night before, not sure…?


I’m Ashley… from Sydney!! Im also on this tour yah!! :slight_smile: and only 2 more weeks till im heading 2 london… cant wait

I’m arriving in London on the 21st of March and staying at the generator!!

hope 2 c u there!!


Hi Ashley!

I only booked at the Generator on the night of the 24th. Arriving in London on the 20th and staying at Clink Hostel til then.

I’m going mad trying to decide all the different stuff I want to do in London! Too much!



I noe there is soo much 2 do in London!! ive been lookin up things on the net… coz ive never been 2 london before!! have you been??
I’m travelling by myself so im glad that other ppl r goin by themselves 2!! im soo excited especially now its soo close!! yeha!!!

Looks like ill b seein u there soon…


There seem to be a lot of people going by themselves, which is great.

I’ve never even been overseas!

It’s kinda lame but I totally wanna do the London Eye. Wanna come? :stuck_out_tongue: I wanna do a few museums too, markets, some walking tours like those around Greenwich, Kensington (palace etc), Westminster, oooh and the Jack the Ripper one.


ive been 2 new zealand thats as far as ive been but ive never been this far by myself!! lol
i want 2 visit the london eye 2!! we dont have one of those in sydney lol…yeh i wuld like that… we jst have 2 find each other in london lol!!
i cant wait 2 get over there… im soo finished with wrk n that lol… im ready 2 go on a holiday!!
i hadnt realised there was a jack the ripper museum…ill have 2 look that up!! lol


Nah it’s Jack the Ripper walking tours. Just google them!

You taking a phone?


that one obviously hadnt made it onto my list lol… ill def google them…
r u takin a phone?? coz im not sure if im goin 2 or not… international roaming n all that stuff… it mite b easier 2 buy a cheap fone over there… not sure really
and with only 2 weeks 2 go i shuld prob decide soon lol


I’m taking a phone, it’ll be expensive but I plan to be careful. I’m on pre-paid - gah - so it will automatically roam. Don’t want to pay to unlock my phone.

We’ll just have to arrange a meeting point in London if we wanna go do stuff!

I sent you a PM so we can chat though, if you wanna discuss the trip/get excited with me!!


at least ur pre-paid… im on a plan lol which culd b worst depending on ur point of view…
u sound as excited as me bout this trip… yah!!