Anyone going on the European getaway May 30th 09


Is anyone going on this trip?


Hi Sarah,[br][br]Just wanted to reassure you that this trip only has a few places left on it so you are definitely not on your own![br][br]Have a great trip.[br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita


Hey Sarah,[br]Me and my girlfriend booked our tickets a couple weeks ago, and we have one or maybe two friends that already booked also. It should be good. It’ll be my first time in Europe other than England![br][br][br][br]- Ben


it will be my first time on a tour and overseas. im a bit nervous about not knowing anyone other than my partner. im really looking foward to it tho!


oh you’ll get over being nervous quickly. it’ll be a lot of fun! [br]are you two planning on doing any other traveling after the tour?[br][br][br][br]- Ben


Hey Gareth and Jenny here…[br][br]We are also looking forward to getting to Europe for the first time.[br][br]Good to see there will be other couples so we aint the odd ones out.[br][br]Does anyone know where to stay the night before and after the trip. [br][br]I have heard that Globetrotters is closing down before the tour.:sunglasses:


Hiya guys![br][br]Just a note made in the other thread that should answer your questions, this is from Admin so definately genuine :slight_smile: Have a great trip![br][br]====[br][br][br]Hi All,[br][br]All Euroclub and Eurocamping trips departing 1 April 2009 or beyond this date will be departing from our new central London hostel, the Generator. All travel documentation will be sent out with the new details, please also check out the news section on our site: [br][br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita[br][br]Adela and Leszek (Sis and Bro)[br]Summer Fun and Sailing June 26th 2009


Yea we traveling after the tour, we will be going to barcelona. do you know if there will still be a predepature meeting the night before it would be good to meet you all before we go, if not we should all arrange to meet up somewhere in london the night before just to break the ice i guess.[br][br]it is good to hear that there are other couples going.[br][br]


I haven’t heard of any pre-departure meeting, but it is definitely a great idea to meet up the night before. It might be nice to find a place to meet up by/near the hostel so we find our way over there before we leave…[br][br]- Ben


yea ill look it up and see if i can find a suitable place for a few drinks.


iv heard there are some good places on marlebone high street. its not to far from the new hostel either.


Hi guys,[br]Me and two mates from NZ are also on this trip, look forward to meeting you guys.[br][br]Kylie


We’re staying at the Generator the night of the 29th and the night we get back, the 18th. So we might catch up with anyone staying there! :)[br][br]Jenny & Gareth


Hi Sarah,[br]I’m coming too. I’ll be there the morning of the 29th and staying at the Generator, I’m lucky that one of my cousin’s is taking me sightseeing. I’ll be staying there the night we get back to London as well and leaving the following night.[br]I freaked out when I saw the Globetrotter had changed to the Generator but I called up and asked what happens if you booked already, and the guy said the booked ones automatically transfer over, so no worries.[br][br]Do you guys think we can really get by with a backpack for 3 weeks like the pre-departure info suggests?[br]Jade[br][br]JMP


yay only 46 sleeps to go. so if any of you guys know ur way around london and can suggest a spot for us all to meet up the night before our tour, so we can get somthing organised. unless we all just meet up at the genorator?


Hi Jade,[br]I don’t have a backpack that will fit enough stuff for three weeks, but TopDeck did confirm that as long as we have a suitcase within the size dimensions specified we will be okay.[br][br]Sarah, meeting at the Generator sounds good to me. It is easy and convenient, and most people will probably be staying there or near there.[br][br]- Ben