Anyone going on European getaway Oct 22nd?


Just seeing who else is going on this trip, 2months to go very excited :grin:


Hi! I’m about to book :slight_smile: Very excited!! Where are you from?


Oo Yay! I’m from Australia how about you?


Cool stuff! I’m from South Africa. You’re welcome to add me on Facebook, if you want to chat some more. (I’m blonde, to make your search a bit easier)


Morning all!

I just booked this tour, and I am muy excitado!

If anyone wants to add me on facebook for some pre-tour chats, my name is: Steven Panayotou

I’ll also likely be in London for a day or so before the tour :grin::grin:


Welcome aboard Steve! :blush:


Hey stranger! :grinning:


I just booked this trip! I’m so nervous but so excited I feel like I’m going to spontaneously combust haha! Looking forward to meeting you all on this epic adventure. :grin::v:


Hi Sarah! Welcome aboard! It is very exciting only a little over a month to go! :grin:


Hey guys,
I’ll be on this one too! Can’t wait! so damn excited!!

Is anyone else going sky diving? And is anyone using the topdeck app?


Yeah I wanna do the skydiving in Switzerland :blush: I just got the top deck app there’s some ppl said hi on there


I’ll have to get onto it then


Yeah, it seems like quite a few of us are on the app!

I’m tempted to go skydiving… But also terrified beyond belief! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: