Anyone going on European Getaway May 09?


Me and two friends are going on the euro getaway in May 09, just wondering who else is heading on that trip :slight_smile:


Hey guys… I’m going on the Euro Getaway but on April 25th… I’m so excited!


Hey there, I’ll be joining you on this trip too. I’ll be travelling alone![br][br]Claire[br]European Getaway 9th May


Hey,[br][br]I’m on this tour too :slight_smile: haven’t traveled much before so very excited! Are you guys going as a holiday or on an OE? I’m planning on staying in the UK if I can get work.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Serena[br][br]European Getaway || May 9th


hey I’m doing my trail of berlin tour around then,are you all looking at staying in london before and after or are you just over for this tour and then going home??ps, Darryl Kiwi/Hamilton here


Hi darryl, i arrive in london on the 2nd of may. i’ll be trying to find a job after the tour so no idea where i’ll end up :slight_smile: what about yourself?[br][br]European Getaway || May 9th


haha funny, I arrive on 29th april into london,and yeah in the same boat,gonna do my tour that settle back into london and get a job,doing this all solo but have friends over there who I’m gonna crash with for the first couple of weeks.[br][br]


Hi guys,[br][br]Im doing the 2nd of May “European Getaway.”[br]I am travelling by myself and I am keen to meet some new friends.[br]Its my first time travelling in europe…cant wait.[br][br]James[br]+European Getaway 2nd May 09


Where is everyone staying when they get to London? I was going to be staying with my sister but I can’t anymore. [br][br]I have the pre-tour night booked at Generator, thinking I might as well just book the other nights there too - 4-8th of May. Anyone else staying there over these dates? I’m travelling solo and its my first time in Europe :-)[br][br]European Getaway || May 9th


Hey, I’ll be staying at the Generator for two nights before we leave and after as well. Before and after that, I’ll be staying with friends and family over in England. Im also going to be having to find a job after the tour, but so not wanting to think about that right now![br][br]Claire[br]9th of May-European Getaway


Hi, [br]My hubby and I are on the European Getaway 9th May. We’ll be at the Generator as well the night before![br]Can’t wait![br]Nadine


Everyone getting excited?? I am :slight_smile: trying to organise everything at the moment. Been looking at the optional extras trying to decide which ones i want to do. My sister has just got back from Prague, her photos are so cool can’t wait to go there![br][br]European Getaway || May 9th


Hello![br]I am going on the 9th May tour also![br]I have three nights before the tour booked at the Generator. Am travelling solo so looking forward to meeting some new friends!![br]:)[br][br]Linda,[br]Australia


Hey if anyones interested in chatting before the tour I’m on facebook Serena McLeod New Zealand network. I’ll be staying at the Generator from the 4th of May so will be exploring London before the tour if anyone wants to join me :slight_smile: not long to go now.[br][br]European Getaway || May 9th[br]


My boyfriend and I are also joining this tour. Only two more weeks and I can’t wait!!


hello everyone!!![br]finally got myself log on[br]I’m in this trip all alone… and my very 1st to Europe too…[br]Hope everyone will have their best time in this trip :wink: