Anyone going on European Getaway 13th Aug-1st Sept


Heey! I’m from Australia & thinking about doing the the European Getaway (13th Aug-1st Sept) & then some of my own travel around the UK. Is anyone else from Australia going on this trip!? It’s my first time travelling & i’m by myself. So excited to travel & meet new people! Will be loads of fun :))


I’ve booked this one :slight_smile: I’m from brisbane and will be on my own too


Hey! I booked this one too. Travelling by myself from Melbourne :stuck_out_tongue:


Yayy, can’t wait to go :slight_smile:


Weeew!! So keen :slight_smile: i’m from Yarrawonga!
Are you girls getting on in London or Paris stop?


Im getting on at London. My plan is to stay at the hostel the tour leaves from (wombats) for 2 nights prior given that we leave at like 7am.


London as well - I’m getting there on the 8th and staying in another hostel for 4 nights then I’ll stay at Wombats the night before we go I think


What are you girls plans after the tour are you going straight home or still travelling?
Add me on facebook- Laura McMillan from Yarrawonga :slight_smile:


I’m staying at the hostel we get dropped back off at for a night, then meeting my family just outside of London the day after. I fly home on the 6th of September unfortunately haha


I might stay in Amsterdam for a while but not too sure yet. I’m in Europe until the end of December. What about you?


I’ve booked on this tour also travelling solo :slight_smile:


Awesome! Where you from :slight_smile: ?


I live in Sydney
So glad to have finally found someone going on this tour :slight_smile:


That’ll be nice! I’m doing a bit of the UK, few days in York & then London :slight_smile:


So glad theres a few of us girls who are on our own! Not long to go now :slight_smile:


Not long at all getting excited :grin:


Hey Girls!

I have also booked this tour and are travelling solo. I’m so excited.!! I too will be staying at wombats the night before. It will be so good to meet you all beforehand :slight_smile:


Awesome be good to meet you before the tour looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Hey Laura,
My friend Bec and I are on this tour as well. We live near Byron Bay in NSW and are starting the tour in Paris…We are having a week in Paris before the tour starts. Very excited and keen to meet heaps of new people. We’re both on Facebook as ‘Georgie King’ (works at arum casino) and ‘Bec Stuart’ (southern cross university) if you want to add us! Xx


Think I’ll be booking the Trail to Berlin that is pretty much this tour but ending before Amsterdam. Excited!