Anyone for the Winter Wonder dec?


Hello, [br][br]Just wondering if there is anyone else going on the winter wonder tour end of dec??? Its so close now!!! We are excited!!![br][br]Amanda Keogh[br]mis84k


Hey amanda, my name is Lauren and I am going to be on this tour. I am going on it with my friend Kirsty. We are both teachers and taking advantage of the holiday break. We are travelling a both before and after the tour. We are visiting Ireland and Scotland before, and country side England afterwards. Then with our flight back we are stopping over in Kuala Lumpur.[br][br]Not long to go now :D[br][br]Lauren


hey im on the winter wonder next week! Cant wait…scared bout the cold tho!


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------[br] [br]HI Lauren!!![br][br]I cant believe i havent checked this forum in a while! My fiance Craig and are are teachers too! Looks like we both have similar trips planned only we are doing hongkong on the way home for a while! We are definatley taking advantage of the holiday break and it really cant come soon enough hey???[br][br]So where abouts in Australia do you guys teach?? We’re from Sydney![br][br]Amanda xxx [br]


Hi guys,
Teacher here also doing the 19th December tour! Could be interesting convo’s lol.
Is that the tour u r doing?