Anyone else doing European Wonder?


I am wondering if there are some other solo travelers doing the European Wonder tour who are interested in light partying, yes but also major sightseeing off the beaten path. This is my first time ever overseas so I want to find someone who is willing to do things like go to the Colosseum during the night we arrive in Rome because it looks awesome at night! And also going out into town in the Swiss Alps area… stuff like that?

Let me know if you are interested ;D


which date?


I’m going from the 6th of September?



I am doing the European Wonder trip from the 6th Sept to the 19th!

Amy :slight_smile:


hey, i am also doing the european wonder on the 24th!! and that sounds great lol


Im going on aug 8th! havent found anyone doing that one yet


i am looking at doing this tour with my brother from oct 18.


Hey me and a friend are doing this trip 23rd august and this will be our first trip aswell so very interested in sightseeing!!! ;D


2nd of August anyone?