Anyone done Las Fallas?


Hey, Ive just been reading about Las Fallas on the website. Never heard about it before but it looks like loads of fun! Just wondering if anyone had done it and what they thought as I think I defo wanna go![br][br]Cheers![br][br]Chloe


A friend of my went last year and had a blast - I am planning to go this year, checking flights right now. Anyone else?


Anyone else guys? Also, any tips for flying to Valencia?[br][br]Thanks!


I was just looking at the video of Las Fallas on line, it looks amazing so Im gonna book on today I reckon![br][br]Chloe


Hi guys,[br][br]Great to see everyone is so interested in Las Fallas. It has been named as one of the Top 5 festivals in the world, however very few people outside of Europe, or even Spain, have heard of it! This means that it is a European festival which is still relatively tourist free, giving our passengers a chance to experience a bit of the “real” Spain.[br][br]We recently put a post on our Facebook fan page ( about Las Fallas, and a few of our old passengers chimed in with great recommendations for it:-[br][br]Roma M (our 2009 Trip Leader) - the best festival i have ever been at!!![br]Paul B - This festival is so amazing[br]Dan S - Roma speaks the truth! One of the few festivals i know of NOT littered with tourists.[br][br]The best way to get to Valencia is by flying directly into the city?s airport. Easyjet and Ryanair offer budget flights from London to Valencia all year round. Once you’ve booked on the trip, we have detailled instructions in your itinerary of how to get from the airport to our central hostel.[br][br]However, as the festival gets closer, often flight prices increase. For those who would like to save on costs and see a bit more of Spain, there is the option to fly into Barcelona or Madridand then direct trains to Valencia can be booked online at From Barcelona the train journey is about 3 hours, from Madrid about 4 hours.[br][br]I hope that’s helped you all a bit, and we look forward to seeing some of you on our Las Fallas tour for 2010![br][br][br]Amelia Lawrence[br]Festivals, Events and Ski Manager[br]Topdeck Travel[br]


I went last year - and Topdeck posted my review on their Facebook page![br][br][br][br]I’m famous! Ha ha.