Anyone doing 'The Maple Trail/USA & Canada Adventure' May 2017?


Hi everyone,
My name is Ashley, I’m 18, from Australia and a soon to be solo traveller next year.

I am doing ‘The Maple Trail’ which makes up part of the ‘USA & Adventure Tour’ on the dates of the 22nd-29th of May 2017.

Although very happy to make new friends upon the trip, I was wondering if anyone has booked or is thinking of going on these two trips around this time? Would love to meet a few people before I go.

Thanks guys :-))


Hi, I’m Jack 23 from England.

I’m doing the USA and Canada adventure tour and solo travelling also, nice to know I won’t be the only solo traveller.


Oh really? On the same dates?

We can start our solo adventures together before I get off in Toronto!

It really is comforting hearing that other people are going solo too, calms my nerves a little haha :slight_smile:


Yeah I plan on getting to New York the day before on the 21st, and my tour starts on the 22nd, looking forward to it!

It seems like a lot of the people in these tours go solo. I’m going on another tour earlier in the year and it seems like more than half are going solo.


Oh that’s awesome that you’re doing one before hand! Very exciting!!

Are you doing the Maple Trail or the full USA & Canada Adventure? :slight_smile:


I’m just doing the full USA and Canada adventure tour.