Anyone doing Eastern Lights 24/12/16?


I’m thinking of booking myself on this trip to do something different for Christmas and New Years - had anyone been on this trip or is scheduled to go this year?


Hey I’m considering this trip… always wanted to have a white Christmas!! Where are you flying from?


I am thinking of booking this with my friend :slight_smile: we did a Topdeck Christmas last year as well and loved it. I’m just waiting for a travel show to come through London to see if we can get a nice discount!


Hey Iv just moved to London from NZ and looking at some options of what to do for xmas and New Years. This sounds pretty amazing!! I’m thinking of booking this…:blush:


I’m also considering doing this. I have just moved to Scotland from Australia and will have saved enough to go away for Xmas. Seems like a good tour.


Thinking of booking this! Can’t decide between this one and Hogmanay


Hi, I booked this trip last week. Got a nice special from South Africa.


I booked this one today! Can’t wait :slight_smile:

For the facebook group use this link:

or type in “Topdeck Eastern Lights 2016” and you should find it :slight_smile:


Yayy! I can’t wait for this! It’s gonna be a fun trip!


Anybody else going a day earlier? Will be there by the 23rd!


Yes I am! I booked in to stay at the hostel the night before too :slight_smile:


Yeah!!! So I won’t be the only one there.


Hey, I’m also doing this trip, I arrive in Prague on the 22nd, I’ll be on my own so if anyone wants to meet up before hand I’d love to :slight_smile:


I am arriving on the 23rd so wouldn’t mind meeting anyone before the trip starts.


Im considering this one too! It looks amazing. Im Jen… 29 and from Chicago. Im doing volunteer work in Naples Italy until Dec. 17 so Id probably travel around a bit in Europe after that and before this trip. How many people here are definitely booked now on the Eastern Lights trip for Dec. 24th? Looking forward to meeting people :slight_smile:


I’m about to buy this tour!


I’m definitely considering this trip - I did Prague NYE last year and it was wonderful. I only spent a day in Budapest before and it was amazing. I’m traveling from Seattle.


Hi everyone! Im exited that everybody is exited for this tour! Im Felix, the trip leader! Make sure you bring a lot of warm clothes and plenty of empty space in your bag for all the souvenirs at the christmas markets!!!


Hey I’ll be on this trip too, from Perth, Australia. I get in on the 22nd! Can’t wait to meet you all!


Just booked this! So excited!!
From Aus but live in London now :slight_smile: 4 weeks to go!