Anyone doing a group tour...and going solo?


hey there im joey, from Canada I am 30yrs old. And I am going on a tour on timeless 2018, which ends may 30th and im thinking of going solo after it ends, cause there is few parks I wanna see in Croatia then head north to Prague and Amsterdam possibly. Would like someone to travel with, as im not to comfortable being alone!
If anyone else plans on going solo after there tour anytime after may 30th let me know, hope to hear from you, willing to travel with guy or lady, no age preference!


Hey :slight_smile: I HAVE A HUUUGE FAVOUR to ask. Can I please transfer my $200 deposit to someone? You can have it for $175 if ya want, I just need the actual money right now instead of a maybe trip :frowning: sad story i know, but please email me

@perchie15 maybe?