Anyone 30+ europe 2017?


Hey guys I’ll be 32 (eek) solo female when I head off next year going on the European pathway sept to Oct 2017!
just wondering if anyone else will be on the same boat? first time to Europe I’ll prob be in either London or Oslo before I start for a week and i’ll stay back a week in Germany, London or Oslo ( haven’t quite decided yet)


Hey I will be but I will be leaving to come back home around Oct 29th. I am starting off with the Mega Euro Tour Egypt then staying around London for two weeks after :slight_smile:


Oh awesome I’m still tossing up between European pathway vs the getaway but definitely will be in London before I start and I think after i’ll be in Oslo or Germany for a bit! where are you located?


I’m from Brisbane, Australia :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m 32 while I’m away on my trip and first time being solo as well… I’m doing the mega European Egypt trip in June


Oh Awesome I’m in Canberra! that was the other trip I wanted to do was the mega European Egypt but only so much time I can get of work :cry:
but i’ll be going Sept to October 6 European Pathway and i’ll be in London a week before and Oslo the week after!


Hi Annie.

I’ll be 33 in 2017. So you’re not alone. I’ve chosen to do European Uncovered. I’ve heard there are lots of couples on this tour & I’m going solo. So hopefully I won’t be the only solo girl.


I’m 36 and traveling in december with top deck


Hey !!

What month are you doing Europe uncovered ? I’m
Going April 19- may 14 and there are heaps of couples on that tour aswell and I’m going solo :confused: lol


I’ve decided and its booked I’m doing Eurpoean pathway September to October!
glad I’m not the only solo 30something ! I hope there isn’t too many couples lol


Hey guys, I did my first solo trip with Topdeck at the start of this year and to be honest with you I found the couples to be a lot more friendly and outgoing than some of the solos, So I wouldn’t worry too much about the couples. Plus I was 31 and the age thing was never really as issue :slight_smile:


I am going to be 36 (turning 37 while I am away) and my cousin is going to be 39!


Ill be turning 30 while im in europe in Aug/september


I’m turning 32 this July and am looking to do a tour around June/July this year. Glad to hear I am not the only one at the top end of the age bracket!!! I have four or five choices I am trying to narrow down at the moment but they all look so much fun!!!


just turned 32 last november … doing Hadrians path solo on March 24th. fortune favours the brave


I will be 30 on my first ever trip os and solo. I’m doing the Essential Europe tour in may 2017.


I’m from Melbourne, I’ll be turning 31 this year and doing the Spirit of Europe starting August 15th 2017. All booked ready to go…


Your on the same tour as me :blush: will be good to get to know you em


Oh Awesome. Yeah I’m really looking forward to it. We are going to have a blast :blush: