Anybody on the nov 27th to 14dec?


hey anybody else going on this tour would love to chat before we leave,[br]cheers,grace!


Sure am… not long now ! ! !


hey corrina i am travelling by myself sadly all my friends who came over travelled during the summer, brightside is i will be in europe while they are working i guess:) are you travelling alone?


yep globetrotter i get there on the morning of the 26th well plan too, have you organised a visa etc, i completly forgot about the shegn visa thing??


Hey, is there any guys on here going on this tour??[br][br]And i noticed you said something about a Visa Grace… i dont think if you are an Australian Citizen you need a Visa and same goes for NZ. Unless you know of something???


some shegn visa but i asked the others who have travelled and they said we should be fine, im sure someone from topdeck would have checked with us if we did need them


Ah ok… thanks for finding out anyway… are you packing alot of warm stuff??? Not long now…


pack warm stuff!!im living in the uk its only november and its already freezing, with really strong winds and the days are ending at 4-4:30 in the afternoon!!!gloomy weather awaits you!!