any1 doing mega european 30 mar?


im angela from new zealand. iv just booked the 30 march tour. is anyone else doing that tour?


I am!!


G’day All,[br][br]Just as some friendly advice for the tour, [br][br]Make sure you bring the warm gear along because the March 30th tour will be running off the back end of winter and the warmer days are still a little ways away. That doesn’t mean the weather will be bad, that you’ll freeze your but off, but just keep in mind that the nights may be colder than perhaps what you are used to and not every day can be warm and sunny. Use comon sense and you’ll be fine. [br][br]For my first trip to Europe I had a sleeping bag rated -5 or around that. It was definately handy and although it’s for freezing cold it was still comfortable when the nights were warmer, as far as the extra weight goes, if you go to the right place you can get one smaller and possibly lighter than a football (Ozy Footy not one of those round ping pong things the poms play with).[br][br]A tip for the cold is to put something under your sleeping bag like a towel (dry one obviously) and/or some clothes, it will assist in preventing the cold rising up from the ground. You sleep on what’s known as a Lye Low (an airmatress), don’t worry we pump them up with an air compressor, so you don’t have to spend half your night doing it by mouth.[br][br]For cold weather and camping gear (Topdeck supply the tents also) there is a reasonably good retail chain called Mountain Designs in Oz and I think NZ aswell ( ).[br][br]Can’t say if they are the best or cheapest, that’s just who I use because they’ve got good equipment and the prices there are usually the same as the SALE prices in the big camping stores like that one that has something to do with a Cat Man do I think (bad joke).[br][br]As a very basic check list I would think about bringing:[br]

  • Warm clothing based on a Multiple Layers,[/]
  • A good lightweight low temp sleeping bag,[/
  • ]
  • A smile :slight_smile:[/]
  • maybe a deck of cards or something like that (adds to the list of things you can do for entertainment and all at the cost of about $2)[/
  • ]
  • & what ever you think will keep you warm, dry and smiling.[/*]
[br][br]Topdeck crew are usually pretty good at entertaining but for 49 days, you’ve got to expect to entertain yourselves every now and then, so if you have a game (maybe simple as cards, Uno etc) don’t be affraid to bring it along.[br][br]In the end, it really comes down to how much fun you want to have, if you don’t want to have fun we wont make you, if you’re not enjoying yourself, it may not be your thing, but remember it may be someone elses, I have always had the opinion that if you didn’t enjoy yourself, short of a disarster, you didn’t try hard enough, be prepared to get out there and enjoy what the world has to offer, treat it all as an experience and don’t fall into the trap of “it’s better back home”, because you didn’t cross the world to see how better it is in your own country, you came to see the different cultures and perhaps the history, to become more worldly and experienced in life (perhaps).[br][br]It’s Not Wrong, Just Different![br][br]Basically it’s pretty simple, look at every challenge as an adventure, be yourself and don’t be affraid to try things you haven’t yet, take in as much as you can, take loads of pics (if that’s your thing) and do what you want to do, which doesn’t have to be what others want. It’s your holiday, do it your way.[br][br]-From one of the Friendly Topdeck Road Crew to You.[br][br]“I Hope that I have helped you!”[br][br]Note: The information posted by myself is my own opinion and not necessarily that of Topdeck.


Also:[br][br]If you are booked on a tour such as London to Rome or London to Athens etc, that departs London on the 30th March, yes the tours all travel together, on the same coach (usually), because those tours are simply sectors of the big one (Mega European 49 day’er).[br][br]Same goes with tours such as Istanbul to London and Athens to London.[br][br]Infact if you’re doing an Istanbul to London starting around 27th/28th of April you will most likely be joining the 30th of March Mega European tour.[br][br]-From one of the Friendly Topdeck Road Crew to You.[br][br]“I Hope that I have helped you!”[br][br]Note: The information posted by myself is my own opinion and not necessarily that of Topdeck.


Who elese out there is doing this tour???


Hey there yeh my gf and are are doing that tour it departs outa london on the 26th, we are doin the full 49 pays. are you doin the full days, is the trip full do you know?


teepee and i are both doing the 30 march tour, are you leaving london on that date too? hi teepee, hows england? is it cold there? i leave in 10 days,:slight_smile:


Hey Ange, England is great, so far i have only seen north wales, heading to London on Friday, can’t wait, there is only so much time you can spend with your grand parents. Make sure you bring your winter woolies, it is freezing here. I have seen snow three times!! [br]Not long to you leave now. See you at the globe troters??[br][br]Im glade we have found more ppl going!! I am getting really excited about it all now 8-)[br][br]Tee


Hey all,[br][br]I’ve just got my self organised and I’ll be going the whole 49 days on the 30th of March. Last I knew there were 17 places left for the 49 dayer and a couple left for the London-Rome and Rome-London legs. That was two weeks ago.[br][br]It’s chilly in London but starting to warm up a little. Will be bringing sexy thermals and many layers on the trip. Crashing at Globetrotters the night before we leave so maybees I’ll catch up with a couple of you then for a drink etc?[br][br]Anyone doing the Edinburgh Mini break on the following Tuesday when we get back?[br][br]Looking forward to an awesome trip and lots of laughs and loads of fun. Don’t forget travel games, we will need them for the long coach rides and the three days on the boat![br][br]Toodles J