Any other women travelling alone to Egypt


Hi[br][br]Just wondering if there are any other women out there travelling alone to Egypt in the near future. Im going on 6 January 2008 for ten days but am going two days before tour starts. Anyone got any tips etc. Am feeling very excited but also a little apprehensive about being on my own for a couple of days.


Hey me too- which tour? email me


Hi Krystal[br][br]Sent you an e-mail. Hope you got it. If not, I am going on the “Spirit of Egypt” 10 day tour. Am really really excited but its uncomfirmed yet and hope it still goes ahead. What one are you going on ?


Hiya![br][br]I will be travelling alone as well. I haven’t organised flights yet but i am going to try and organise them so I minimise the time I have alone :slight_smile:


When are you planning on travelling Shezza ?